Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Promise Me by Barbie Bohram

Sabrina Chandler must go back home to face her past and confront her once best friend and ex-boyfriend who betrayed her in the worst way possible.
Returning to her past also means coming face to face with the boy who was standing in the shadows one fateful night. The same boy she made a promise to and who unknowingly walked away with her heart.
Can she move forward with her life when her heart is still 10 years in the past?

Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to the New Jersey after getting her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Miami-Dade Community College. She currently resides in the Garden State with her two children. Her hobbies include movies, great TV shows, reading, reading, and even more reading.

Fantastic! That is one word I can use to describe Promise Me by Barbie Bohrman! It has been a while since I have read a book that has substance! This book is packed with a great story about the ups and downs that you can expect from relationships! The main character Sabrina is unknowingly beautiful who has plenty of adoring beautiful men after her!
Beginning with tragic young love heartbreak, Sabrina works through getting over that High School love and moves on with life. But her 10 year reunion is closely creeping up on her and she is determined not to go. This is when her BFF Julia convinces her she needs to! Can she reconnect with that chance meeting with Tyler? Will it make her trip home worth it? Can she close the door on the past and step forward with Alex?
I give Promise me 4 stars for outstanding writing and storyline! I can not wait to see what Barbie Bohrman has for us in the future! ~ Debi

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