Friday, June 7, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Fool for You by Megan Noelle

Seven years ago Danielle Hamilton left her home in Serenity Cove leaving behind a drug addicted mother, work-obsessed Grandmother and the first boy she has ever loved.  Danielle promised herself she would never return, but now—she has no choice. The family Inn her Grandparents put their lives into is going under and Danielle is the last hope they have to save it.  

When she temporarily returns to her home town, she’s even less prepared than expected to run into her first love, Oliver Garrison.  After their encounter leaves her on edge she decides what is really needed is a distraction.  What she doesn’t expect is the way she feels when she meets Corey Preston with the bad boy edge, a gentle heart and smoking body.  

Oliver is everything she thought she ever wanted while Corey is everything she never thought she needed.  But Dani promised herself when she left Serenity Cove at 18 that never again, would this be her home. However, her heart didn’t get the memo and for the first time in her life, she feels at home.  

But will her demons from the past let her have the love she deserves? Or will she return to her life in New York—once again leaving her heart behind in the one place she fears to be?  

A smirk touched his lips. “I’ll reimburse you,” he said, pocketing the cigarettes before continuing with his walk.  Grabbing my hand and bringing me along with him. “What’s made the last few days rough for you?”
My only response was a shrug of my shoulders.  I was trying to forget about it and the last thing I wanted was to dive back into my issues.  Yet, I was surprised when my mouth opened to spew out things I thought were locked away.

“Just crap with my mom.  I should be used to her drama by now but…” My voice trailed off as my shoulders gave a half-hearted shrug once more.  Corey linked his arm around my neck and pulled me into his side.

“I don’t want to overstep here by saying this, but I’m sure it’s difficult to know she’s locked away.  If you think about it though, she can really get the help she needs in there.  Things were getting bad with her here and nothing was going to change but now it can.” I let my eyes wander from the sidewalk up into those penetrating blue eyes.  My suspicions were correct.  Corey knew my mom and what was happening with her.  Even with that knowledge he wasn’t sitting here shoving it back in my face, mocking me and taunting me with what he knew, like Oliver had.  The things he had said made sense and I hoped more than anything that—he was right—that she would get better.

“I just want her to be healthy again,” I whispered out.  Corey placed a kiss against the top of my head; for a moment I reveled in the unspoken support I felt, I was receiving. 

“Is that the point of your walk today?  To get that stuff off your mind?”

“Well, it started as a run, but it’s been a while since I’ve done that.”  The sudden amusement dancing in Corey’s eyes worried me.

“Then let’s go. I was in the middle of my own run.”  He released me and started jogging in place next to where I stood.

“Uh yeah—I’m good, but you go ahead.” 

“Come on Danielle—I’m not doing this alone!” He continued pumping his arms in preparation to run.  

Instead of motivating me, the gesture sent very dirty thoughts about what those arms could do—through my brain.  If I wasn’t already sweaty from the run—I sure would be now.

I threw my hands into the air, letting them fall and hit my thighs. “You just were!”

“But I’m not leaving you alone, now that I’ve found you.” 

Corey.” I whined.  This didn’t faze him in the least.  He grabbed hold of my hand and took off running—pulling me along behind him. I felt completely ridiculous being yanked around like a puppy, but I couldn’t deny the warmth he was giving me.  A natural smile that had been missing from my face the past few days spread carelessly. 

At one point I retracted my hand from his and sped off in front of him.  My strides became more effortless, as I easily put distance between us.  The sound of Corey’s steps grew louder as he closed the increasing space.  As my left hand pumped backwards, his latched around my wrist, slowing me down.

“Cheater!”  I yelled behind me, as Corey’s laugh echoed through the trees.  When he released my wrist this time, he managed to move ahead of me.  While I didn’t mind the view of him from, behind, I still hated to lose.  So with one more burst of energy, I bolted forward and leapt onto his back; my arms wrapped around his neck so I wouldn’t fall backward. 

Corey was still laughing as he slowed to a walk, his arms linked around my legs to keep me against him.  My chin rested on his shoulder, as the soft chilly breeze was a refreshing relief against my heated face.  
Megan Noelle give us a sweet story of Corey and Dani and the love they found in Serenity Cove. Fool for you goes through the dramas that plague the memory of Dani. Those dramas are what controls her feelings throughout the book. Corey is a sweet, patient, protective friend with benefits that Dani finds once she has moved back to the place she grew up.
This is an easy read with not a lot of crazy drama but plenty of hot sex that can blow the pants off anyone. Megan Noelle gives us a great story with solid characters. Once you pick it up, it will be hard to put it down. I give Fool for you 3.5 stars. - Debi S.

Her inspirations come from everywhere. Sometimes it’s a song, or a picture, maybe when she reads another book and of course, a single quote. There’s no telling where she’ll be when inspiration strikes but she couldn’t be happier. Nothing makes her happier than when she’s writing. So to be able to share this passion and dream with all of you…is more than she could ever hope for!

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