Saturday, June 8, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Julliard or Else by Nichele Reese

This is a twisting story of young love torn in two.

Abigail McCall has been accepted into Julliard for Ballet. Being nineteen, she’s ready to move out of her tight shell at her parent’s house and in with her new roommates. Abigail finds herself distracted with things she never saw herself doing.

'Hey, I’m Tucker.
That’s all it took. His own name rolling off his tongue.'

With no job and coming from a broken home with a mother who doesn’t care what happens to him, could you blame Tucker for being so secretive? The dark and mysterious Tucker has his sights set on the prim and proper ballerina. So he knows he has to change his self-destructive ways in order to keep Abigail in his life. This means, betraying his closest friends.

Obstacles are thrown at them.
They don’t approve of the ballerina and the poor boy.

The world won’t let Abigail and Tucker be together. What do they have to sacrifice to stay together...

Can the good come out in the bad? Or does someone always end up hurt and alone?

Tucker has nothing, but Abigail has everything to lose...
New Adult Novel. Contains adult situations, sexuality, some violence, and 
is suited for ages 18 and up.

Suddenly I felt my heart get warm with the way he was looking down at me. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes. I always found myself lost in them. 

Tucker leaned down to kiss me. I loved when he would take control to kiss me deeper. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist as I pushed up on my toes to be at his level. I couldn't get close enough to him; my hand went straight into his hair and I pulled lightly, making him groan into my mouth.

"Gabs, I want you so bad." Tucker said breathlessly as shivers ran through my body. I wanted him, too. 

"You have me, Tucker, only you."
Oh man, where to begin with this book. This coming of age novel starts off with Abigail finding out that she has been accepted to Julliard. She has worked her whole life, sacrificing friends and a normal childhood to follow this one dream. Abigail has a controlling mother, a loving father and a new life to try and make it through after living such a sheltered life. 

Her mother is not happy about Abigail moving into the dorms, so she buys an apartment for Abigail and her roommates to live in not far from Julliard. Even though Abigail is trying to escape her mother, she still seems to have a hold of her. Rachel and Jade, her new roommate, help Abigail to get loose and start to experience life. On an outing for coffee the girls meet Brad, Jett and Tucker. Tucker finds himself drawn to Abigail, but he has his own set of secrets that he wants to protect her from. He's from the worst part of town, with a junkie mom and boyfriend who likes to beat her and him whenever he can. He's on the run but the attraction and pull towards Abigail is no huge for both of them, all they can do is run towards each other.

So how much would you sacrifice to be with "the one". Family? Future? Friends? 

This story is captivating, intoxicating, heart-breaking and redemptive. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and best of all there is not a cliffhanger! There is also a little cameo of the Black Falcon boys from Michelle Valentine's Rock Series. I am totally in love with Abigail and Tucker and I know you will be too. Four and a half stars for this debut novel. I can't wait for more stories from Nichele!

I work in a hospital at night; write my soul out in the day.. I'm married to the most patient man in the world. We have 1 rambunctious little boy, who loves flashlights and likes pulling our 2 furry animals legs.

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  1. Great debut book from the author, Loved Abigail and Tucker, touching on subjects like purging, cutting and drugs isn't always easy to pull off.
    Drama, tragedy and love all make for a great read.