Thursday, June 27, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Ember by Jessica Sorensen

**Mature Content Advisory**
Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual situations and language

For nineteen-year-old Ember, life has always been about death. With a simple touch, she can see when someone will die. It’s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. 

The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven. But that changes when she meets Asher Morgan. He’s gorgeous and mysterious and is the only person.

Ember can't sense death from. The silence he instills in her mind and body allows her to feel things she’s never been able to before, so despite her initial reservations, Ember lets Asher into her life and lets herself to get close to him. But the closer they get, the more Ember realizes that Asher is keeping secrets from her.

When unexplained deaths begin to surface in her town, Ember questions why she can’t see Asher's death and what it is he’s hiding from her.

I have to admit, I wasn't that keen on reading this book. I love Jessica Sorensen, but am not a big fan of Paranormal. My friend Christine (*waving* Hi!! Christine) told me to read it. Told me to be on the tour (and when your BBF tells you to do something - you do- LOL) She had said the same about a few other books I was iffy about, so I signed up and took the leap of faith that my friend would not steer me wrong. I put the book off to the last minute. And so I am telling all of you - I WAS WRONG. I loved Ember X!

Ember can see death. She can tell you the when, where and how someone is going to die. Ember deals with things on a daily basis that would send most people running for the hills. She has a best friend, Raven, but she was just a little too over-powering again Ember's shy demure. Ember mets Asher, who happens to be the first person that she can't see how he is going to die. Is he like her? I really liked Asher. He was sweet and you just kinda swooned over him.

Ember, Death Collectors is the first in a series from Jessica and I can't wait to see where this story goes.
Four Stars 

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.


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