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Just a Kiss by Kate Kisset

Three friends,

One Wine Country Villa

Six Santino Brothers

And lots of wine…

Reeling from the loss of her mother, Sarah Dupont catches her fiancé doing the nasty on top of her pastry table at their San Francisco Bakery.

Devastated, she calls her best friend, lifestyle reporter, Danica Vargas. Danica convinces Sarah to start fresh, and rent a room with her at an historic mansion in Sonoma Valley.

With two roommates who act like the sisters she never had and a feisty landlord to stand in as the grandmother she always wanted, Sarah’s opens a café on the Sonoma Plaza. Her life changes the moment the little bell on the door rings and the notoriously sexy actor Jamie Santino, swaggers in.

Jamie, one of the six Santino Brothers, of Napa Valley Winery fame, needs baking lessons for his new movie and Sarah is just the woman to teach him. Wine flows, their love affair heats up and a tempestuous femme fatale enters the scene.  

How can Sarah trust that Jamie isn’t acting when everything he says seems too good to be true?

A great start to a new series that I will definitely be coming back for more. This book was fun and witty with the added amusement of the women in the Single Girls Wine Club.

Sarah has moved to Sonoma to start a new. After the death of her mother and finding her fiance with a friend in a very compromising position, she's moved close to friends and opened the Vine Cafe. So when movie star and local Jamie Santino asks to follow Sarah around her cafe in order to learn about being a patisserie for an upcoming movie role, Sarah was not so sure it was a great idea. The girls of the wine club convince her it will be good publicity for her little cafe, she gives in.

Jamie Santino is coming off a burned relationship. But when he meets Sarah, she's all he can think about. He doesn't really start off on the right foot and so he has some ground to make up.

I really enjoyed Just A Kiss and found it a quick, light read - which was just what I needed in this book world of angsty, dark releases. I loved the friendship of the girls, the humor throughout and a storyline that was believable and not so far out there. I am really looking forward to more in this series. The only downfall for me was the wine references. I felt like I was country bumpkin in a 5 star Michilan restaurant at times because I know NOTHING about wine, but those that do know about wine will probably enjoy the story even more.

4 Stars

Former San Francisco Radio Disc Jockey Kate Kisset has a passion for telling great stories. After playing thousands of  Hot AC, Country, Rock and Oldies tunes, for her primarily female fan base, she changed her tune and became an author. 

Just a Kiss is the first book in her wine country romance series, The Single Girls Wine Club.

She lives in Northern California and Santa Barbara with her family and rescue pup “editor” Luciana Parmigiana, where she hikes, reads, listens to music, and drinks wine. 

Happy Release Day! Endless Fate by Alicia Rae is LIVE!

We’re having a release day launch for ENDLESS FATE by Alicia Rae. 
I am so excited to bring you the third book in her Fate of Love series! 
For her release day, Alicia is sharing a fantastic excerpt with us, along with a great giveaway! Be sure to check it all out!!
Endless Fate RDL ban

Book Three in the Fate for Love Series
Colton Kingston is set on rebuilding his ranch to what it once was before his livelihood was diminished to a pile of ashes from a revengeful dark act of arson. His brothers at heart are there with him every step of the way to help pick up the pieces of the old and replace them with the new.

Paige Summers finds her inner strength to battle through her burdens of taking another person’s life. Standing in her rightful place by Colton’s side, she’s finally holding her own and living her dream of training horses.

Together, Colton and Paige have endured their fair share of obstacles and tragedies, and it has only made them stronger. With Hank Ulrich out of their lives, Colton is determined to make Paige, the girl he’s loved since he was five years old, his wife—forever. But as one door closes, another opens, and a new danger is lurking in the shadows, threatening to stand in their way.

Will Colton and Paige’s love be endless, the way it was always meant to be? Or will a new devastation fall upon them and ruin their fate?
*Contains Mature Content*  


Deep sobs raked through my body, recalling how I’d indeed watched the life seep out of Hank and the deep satisfaction it had given me to do so.

What kind of person does that?

I felt his proximity before I heard him, and in seconds, Colton’s hand came to the base of my shoulder blade where he spread his fingertips wide and glided them upward bit by bit.

“Jesus, Paige,” he murmured, barely above a choked whisper. “You’re shaking.”

I hated that I had been distancing myself from him, inadvertently hurting him, but I was powerless to stop it. My mind was my worst enemy.

I closed my eyes, overcome with shame. Colton had never witnessed one of my shower breakdowns before. I preferred to do them in private. I didn’t want anyone to see me fall apart. Especially not Colton. I wanted to be strong for him. I had my pride.

Seconds ticked by before I finally braved spinning around on my heel until I was facing him. Unable to look him in the eyes, I bowed my head and stared at his chest.

How do I explain to him that no matter how many times I shower, I still feel dirty because I have blood on my hands?

Eddie had made me feel weak when he pointed a gun to my head while kidnapping me before knocking me unconscious. Hank had done so by treating me like I was worthless and disposable, as if my life had no value. It was as though they’d stripped me bare, stolen my confidence and my pride…me. Then, I’d become a monster myself and killed without mercy.

So, which one of us is evil?

I shook my head, grief-stricken. Nothing made sense to me anymore.

Colton gently grasped my chin and lifted my gaze to meet his. A crease formed between his brows, and he frowned at me. Worry and regret clouded his normally bright baby-blue eyes.

“Tell me what to do.” Panic filled his voice. “Tell me how I can help you move past this. I will do anything to get rid of that look in those beautiful eyes that I love so much.”

The worst part was knowing that I had no answer for him. I felt robbed of my own mind to make the decision of what I needed to heal. My heart was vacant. I was an empty shell, lost and alone, stuck somewhere in my own private hell.

“Do you remember when you found out the barn fire was arson and you sent me away?” I broke off at the painful memory, recalling what it had felt like when he pushed me away. I was doing no better now, but I was incapable to stop it. I tried to collect my thoughts on where I was going with this.

He winced. “Yes.” His tone was low and full of remorse.

“Then, remember you later snuck in my window and asked me to let you hold me”—I swallowed, stifling the urge to cry—“without any questions or explanations?”

His shoulders rose and fell. Understanding filled his baby-blue eyes. His arms were already in motion, wrapping around my waist. “Yes,” he answered, pulling me close.

“That’s what I need right now. No questions, no judgment…” My voice cracked, and I placed my hands on the center of his chest. “I just need you to hold me.”

An overwhelming pain appeared in his features before he tightly hugged me. He nuzzled his nose into my neck, and I could feel his warm breath along my skin.

“No one’s judging you, Paige. Please, please don’t be so hard on yourself.”

His words sent my heart into a tailspin. I laid my head against his sternum and sobbed uncontrollably. I cried for the lives I’d affected by Hank’s death, mainly his wife and two college-aged children. I silently pleaded for forgiveness for my actions even though it had been self-defense.

I prayed my mind would let me let go of this evil head-trip I was currently suffering through and allow me to move forward with my life. I dreamed my life with Colton would return to a normal, simple one.

Eventually, I ran out of tears, and my breathing began to level out until I could only hear the water running and the sounds of my and Colton’s breaths as he continued to comfort me. Somewhere along the way, Colton must have adjusted the nozzle because the water temperature had changed.

“The water’s warmer,” I stated quietly, wanting to break the silence. My lungs were scratchy and raw from all my crying.

“I didn’t want to brave hypothermia.” His lips seemed to curve into a smile, and his hands soothed up and down my sides. “Though, I fear our hot water tank will run empty any minute now, and we’ll be left shivering again.” He shifted fractionally and brought one hand to the base of my chin.

As his thumb started to stroke back and forth across my cheek, he gazed into my eyes. An endless array of emotions rippled out of him, matching the intense look in his baby-blue eyes. “You’ve lost your way before, and so have I.” The lonely ache in his voice seized my heart. “And that’s okay.

Heartache has a powerful impact on the soul, and we all get lost now and then. But I need you to promise me that you’ll come back to me, Paige, because nothing will keep us apart. I won’t accept anything less than forever with you.”

I desperately clung to the feeling of hope he sparked somewhere deep within me, and a genuine small smile spread across my lips at his natural ability to make me swoon with his tender words.

“You promise?” For some unknown reason, I needed his reassurance in this moment.

He bent forward and kissed the tip of my nose. “I promise.”

~Endless Fate, releasing July 23, 2015

Fate for Love Series 

Alicia Rae Bio: Alicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and photography. Thank you to my dear sister, Kels, who showed me a few years ago how much I truly missed reading. And to my loving husband, for not throwing away my Nook, and planting the seed of writing in my mind. I am forever grateful. Xo Readers, words cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I do writing them. I thank each and every one of you. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams...

 Links: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Author Goodreads    

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Insider by Olivia Cunning

Toni wants to be an insider.
Logan just wants inside her.
She’s finally ready to rock...
Toni Nichols set aside her dreams to raise her little sister, but now she's reaching for the stars as the creator of a revolutionary interactive biography about Exodus End. She’s on tour with the rock band to immerse herself in their world, but how will she ever gain the trust of four veteran superstars who've been burned by the media before? Nobody said this was going to be easy. Then again, good things can come in hard packages.
He's always ready to roll…
Adrenaline junkie Logan Schmidt lives for the rush of playing his bass guitar before thousands of screaming fans. When he's not performing onstage or in the bedroom, he's looking for his next thrill in extreme sports. So why does a sweet, innocent journalist get his heart pumping and capture his full attention? Is Toni the real deal or just digging up dirt on his band? Logan’s eager to rock Toni’s world and roll her in the sack, but when she starts to get too close to his heart, she takes her insider look to a place he may never be willing to go.

“Have a seat, Toni,” Dare offered. He stood and took a gym bag from her hand. He set it on the floor next to the spot he’d vacated, making it clear that Toni should sit next to Logan on the sofa. Logan loved the guy. Such a thoughtful son of a bitch. Toni’s dark eyes, hidden behind a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, scanned the interior of the bus as if searching for refuge. Apparently the seat next to Logan was not it. Dare plopped himself down in the only available recliner and extended the leg rest, as if he had no intention of moving for the night.
“Th-thanks,” Toni said, pushing her glasses up her nose with one trembling hand.
Logan wasn’t sure what she was so nervous about all of a sudden. She’d seemed perfectly at ease when they’d been interacting with their fans. Perhaps she’d taken his comment about a lamb in a den of wolves to heart. He’d only been teasing, but he found her skittishness endearing in a world where most women threw all inhibitions to the wind when in the presence of any member of his band, much less all four of them.
The bus rumbled as it rolled forward. They were on the road again. Toni’s hands flew out as the unexpected movement threw her off balance.
She plopped down beside Logan, perching on the edge of a cushion as if the sofa’s back was made of shards of glass. Logan was pretty sure she was looking for the emergency exit. Her gaze settled on Butch, who was standing next to their driver and running over a strict schedule detailing how to get them to their next show in time while making a promotional stop between venues. Their schedule never had an inch of give. Their manager, Sam, was a genius when it came to getting the band the most exposure, but he had the tendency to believe that because they were a metal band, they were made of iron. They didn’t require useless things like down time and rest.
“So tell us more about this book,” Dare said, which was apparently the exact right thing to say to Toni, because her unease evaporated instantly.
“Have you seen the new interactive electronic textbooks?” she asked, her eager gaze moving from Dare to Max to Steve.
Logan was very conscious of the fact that she didn’t look at him once. He’d thought their attraction was mutual, but maybe not. He scooted several inches closer to her because he saw something he wanted and wasn’t one to sacrifice his personal needs for the greater good.
“Textbooks?” Steve asked. “Like for school and shit?”
“Yeah, that’s usually where textbooks are used,” she said, a teasing grin on her lush lips. When no one laughed, her face fell. Logan forced a guffaw about five seconds too late. That got his bandmates laughing. Not at Toni’s understated joke. They were laughing at his blatant stupidity. Nothing new there.
“I can’t say I’ve even seen a textbook since high school,” Steve said.
“These new interactive ones are amazing. Each topic has videos and pictures and links. It presents the information in a way that gets students who are used to constant entertainment excited about learning.”
“So you’re writing a textbook about us?” Dare asked, brows drawn together in a confused scowl.
“What kind of textbook would that be? A manual on mayhem and debauchery?” Toni cringed when no one laughed at that joke either.
Logan guffawed five seconds too late again. He was going to have to pay really close attention to what she said to figure out when she was joking. He didn’t think she lacked a sense of humor, she just looked serious. She’d definitely fit in better at a library than at standup- comedy night.
“The publishing company I work for designs and distributes these interactive textbooks,” she said. “Samuel Baily approached us to make an interactive book about the band, the first of its kind. He’s very forward thinking.”
That got the band laughing. “You might say that,” Max said. “Sometimes he’s a bit too forward thinking. He’s got every minute of our schedules booked for the next eighteen years. He thinks we’re robots or something.”
Toni’s eyes bulged. “Eighteen years?” she muttered under her breath.
Surely she knew Max was joking, so why did she look so unsettled? Wondering if he could make her blush again, Logan scooted a few more inches closer to her. His knee brushed her thigh, and she yanked on her skirt. Other than her hands and face, not an inch of bare flesh was showing. He wasn’t sure exactly what she was trying to conceal. Maybe she wasn’t open to his attempts to seduce her. Which made her a challenge. Which, like her tits, he couldn’t resist. Or maybe she had a nice boyfriend at home. His loss.
“Speaking of robots,” Steve said. “How are the prototypes of our androids coming?”
“Good until they tried to replicate my dick and ran out of materials,” Logan said.
Toni’s sudden intake of breath made him grin. That shocked her? Seriously? Too easy.
“If they ran out of materials, it had to be due to Max’s giant forehead,” Steve said.
“Or your enormous feet,” Max countered.
Toni grabbed a pad of paper out of her bag and started writing furiously. Logan leaned against her shoulder to read what had her so excited. She was writing down their conversation. In the margin, she wrote: Keep video camera close at hand when all band members are together. They’re hilarious.
He was close enough to feel her body heat and inhale the sweet fragrance of her fruity shampoo. He wondered if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.
“For the record,” Logan said in her ear as he pointed toward her notes, “I was the one with the big dick.”
Toni leaped from the sofa as if it were on fire. Her gaze darted from one guy to the next, and she pushed her glasses up her nose with the back of her wrist. God, he wanted to take those glasses off, take those clothes off, and do things to her. Naughty, devious, delicious things.
“Um . . .”
The twin bumps poking against her shapeless turtleneck drew Logan’s attention.
Hard nipples? Did his crassness turn her on? That was all the encouragement he needed to behave inappropriately. Visible nipples also meant that her bra was not padded. There was so much win in that, he should have her name engraved on a trophy.
“What’s wrong?” Logan asked. “I won’t bite. But I will nibble. And suck. And lick.”
She stared at him with her mouth agape and her eyes wide. Her nipples strained against her sweater, begging him to do all those things and more to the tips of those luscious melons.
She glanced down at her tits and immediately crossed her arms over her chest. “Is, um, there a bathroom I can use?”
“At the back of the bus,” Dare said, nodding his head toward the end of the corridor.
“Don’t take a dump in there,” Steve said. “We stop at rest areas to do that business.”
Face flaming, she sucked in a deep breath, turned, and sprinted to the back of the bus. She fumbled with the closet door and when it popped open, a stack of towels that had shifted during transit tumbled out and pummeled her in the face.
Logan climbed to his feet to rescue her. He decided to take it easy on her for the moment. He wouldn’t want to traumatize her so much she decided to leave. They both bent to pick up the same towel at the same time and bumped heads. They jerked apart and rubbed their heads in unison. Toni looked up at him, her brown, doe-like eyes watery with tears. He wasn’t sure if they were tears of pain or humiliation, but seeing them in her eyes did strange things to his chest. He wasn’t sure why it was suddenly tight.
“It’s okay,” he said, deciding that though it was fun to tease her, he’d better tone it down a bit. She obviously wasn’t used to it, and he didn’t want to harass a woman who wasn’t receptive to provocative flirting. He hadn’t intended to upset her, just wanted to have a little fun and get under that conservative skirt of hers. “I’ll get the towels, Toni. You go ahead and do your business.” He opened the bathroom door for her.
She lowered her hand from her forehead to reveal a large reddened bump.
Logan winced and leaned forward to press his lips to the lump. She sucked a startled breath into her chest. Shit. There he went crossing the line again.
“Sorry,” he murmured. “I always kiss boo-boos.”
“I have a pimple on my ass that needs kissing,” Steve called.
Logan closed his eyes and shook his head. “One of the things you should consider stressing in your book is how little fucking privacy a man has while on tour with his band.”
“I can include that,” she said, “but I think fans are more interested in the size of your dick.” She backed into the bathroom. “I know I am.” She bit her lip before closing the door in his face.

One thing that Olivia Cunning knows and knows well is Rockers. And Insider did not disappoint! I've been waiting for the book for a while - like most of her fans. The boys of Exodus End has been talked about for a while and just like the Sinners, you have a band full of personalities that keep you hopping and happy.

Book one is about Bass Player - Logan Schmidt. He loves the rock star lifestyle, a life on the road with a new woman or two at his beckon call from city to city. But when Toni Nichols joins the band on the road to do a biography on the band - he's taken aback by the shy, kinda nerdy girl. She definitely is not his type but there is a pull there that he can't deny.

Toni is trying to prove herself to her mom, her boss and those around her. Yes, she may have lived a sheltered life, but that doesn't mean that she can't do the job that is put before her. The only problem is Logan Schmidt. He's a distraction that she never planned on. 

This was a fun and as always steamy book. Life on the road is never boring. Logan is witty, goofy, sarcastic and sexy as hell. Toni is a heroine that can stand on her own but has a vulnerability that makes you root for her.

Loved book one and can't wait for the rest of the band to grace us with their stories.
Combining her love for romantic fiction and rock 'n roll, USA Today Best-Selling Author Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians.

Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music. She's been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert. As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction -- first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own. 

Sacrifice by Adriana Locke

My life changed forever the night my husband died.

I was left with a shattered heart, a heap of bills, and our daughter, EVERLEIGH. I don’t want to rely on anyone, least of all CREW GENTRY. He’s my first love and the man who almost destroyed me, the man who has let me down every time I’ve needed him.

But when tragedy strikes a second time, Crew just might be my only hope.

My life changed forever the night my brother died.

I was left with a guilty conscience, a pile of mistakes, and little else. I take care of JULIA GENTRY, my brother’s widow and the love of my life, and their daughter. I know she doesn’t want my help, but she gets it anyway. I owe her that. When another disaster hits, I’m given the opportunity to make things right. I’m taking it. I'm willing to sacrifice it all.

This book!! OMG This book gutted me! Crew absolutely stole my heart and this book...OH MAN! It's easily in my top 5 for the year so far.

Crew Gentry has always been the runner in the family. He lost the girl, lost his mom and brother and has always been the first to run when the going gets tough. But since his brother died, Crew has been watching over his sister-in-law and niece from a distance. The time has come for Crew to prove he can take care of the ones he loves...and he needs to step up in a big way. He doesn't know if he's doing the right thing, but he takes the leap and hopes he comes up from the water below with his head still on his shoulders and without all of those around him hating him.

I won't tell you much about the storyline because its all a part of the journey. And this journey will make your heart break. Crew, Julia and Everleigh are all they have left of family between them and they are in for the fight of their lives.

Amazing characters that pull you through this emotionally rough storyline. Have some kleenex ready! Five Fighting Stars. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Links to Buy


“She’s been missing him a lot lately.”

Julia’s voice is barely a whisper and my chest constricts. Our conversations don’t normally make it to discussing Gage unless we’re already arguing. The fact that she just brought it up shocks me and I’m not comfortable with it. I don’t know how to take it. I feel my jaw pulse with frustration and scramble to change the subject again. “Why is it so chilly in here?”

Her smile disappears and she tugs her sweatshirt nervously. “I didn’t know it was.”

“How can you possibly not know?” I start to the thermostat across the room when she clears her throat.

“The heater isn’t working right. I asked Lane to come by and look at it earlier this week.”

“And he hasn’t been here yet?” I shoot her a look and she shakes her head. “He’ll be here tonight.” I dig my cell outta my pocket.

“Crew, don’t. Please. The last time you called my landlord he was a complete jerk to me for a couple of months. I just got on good terms with him again.”

I scroll through my contacts list, looking for his name.

“Crew ...” I know her doe-eyes are pleading with me. I also know if I look up at her, I’ll be somewhat inclined to give in. So I don’t.

Author Bio

Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

Adriana resides in the Midwest with her family. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. She loves to be outside in the sunshine and always has a piece of candy in her pocket.

Her first novel, The Exception, was released in 2014. The followup, The Perception, was released in March 2015. Both books follow the same characters, but can be read as standalone novels.

Sacrifice, a novel unrelated to the others, will go live on July 13, 2015.

Please contact Adriana at She loves to hear from readers.

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COVER REVEAL: Twinsequences 2 by Jennifer Foor

Twinsequences2_Mock4RELEASING AUGUST 17
Twinsequences2_BNThree years ago I killed a man and did inconceivable things to anyone that stood in the way of my plan to ruin my twin sister's life. Things backfired, and I've been locked up in this nuthouse ever since.

Willow and Stoshua think I'm out of their lives for good. They've moved away and changed their identities to make it harder for me to find them. They assume their little family is safe from my reckoning. But they're wrong... This time I'll get it right. This time her life will become mine.

 I was born Ivy, but when I'm done you'll call me Willow.

Twinsequences_ecoverI’d shared everything with Ivy since we were born. She was my exact double. We were only two minutes apart. I never thought that my own twin sister would steal away my one chance at happiness, but that is exactly what she’d done. She didn’t even know that I was in love with him. How could she? Ivy was too busy being Miss Popular to notice what I wanted. After having my heart broken, I’d decided to leave my town, and my sister, to go to college out of state. For the past four years, I’d done nothing but work to make a life for myself. We were still the best of friends, but going home was too hard for me to face and I hadn’t been back since they’d gotten married. I wanted my sister to be happy, even if it meant I never would be. She didn’t have the brains, or the successful future that I knew was coming to me. But, she’d always have the one thing I wanted. The one thing, I could never have. Stoshua Wheeler. A late night phone call brought me back to town. I should have never considered her request. It wasn’t right to pretend to be her, but she said she was in trouble. I had to help her. I’d dreamed of being her for five years. I envied their relationship. I wanted her life. What was I willing to risk to take it for myself? I’m Willow Green and this is my story.

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. 

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Sinful Intent by Chelle Bliss


The moment I saw her, I wanted her. I tried to resist her, but Race had other plans. 

 One night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to my desires.
I still had a job to do before her world collapsed. If I failed at finding the person behind the threats, I could lose her forever.
Temptation can be dangerous.

I stood in the doorway, surveying the bar and trying to pick Ms. True out of the crowd. A woman peered up from her phone and looked back down. Whoever she was, she was fucking gorgeous. She sat there with her spine straight, blond hair in a perfect bun, and a crisp black dress shirt tucked into a gray pencil skirt. Her high cheekbones almost kissed her deep-green eyes. I wanted to saunter up to her, ask her for her number, and beg that on our first date she wear the red stilettos she had on, which made my cock instantly hard. 

 She glanced up, caught me staring, and waved me over.  

Well, hell. Maybe she wanted my number too. Keep calm and act natural. 

Her eyes remained down, concentrating on her phone, as I approached. 

 “Mr. DeLuca, I presume,” she said, glancing up for a moment, her emerald eyes flickering.“Take a seat.” 

 Disappointment flooded me. The beautiful creature in front of me wasn’t calling me over to get my number. She was my new client.

 “Ms. True?” I asked, letting my eyes linger on her legs for a little too long but not caring.

OMG I love this new spin off from The Men of Inked Series... ALFA PI is going to leave fans of the Inked Series full of giddy feelings. Not only do we get the Gallo boys but we get new sexy Alpha's to fill up your fantasies.

We start off with the Gallo's cousin - Morgan DeLuca. Morgan is from Chicago and just resigned from the Army. Heading down to Florida for Izzy's wedding, he gets pulled into the loving family that he had long forgotten about since his teens. The longing for doing something new and finally making something of himself, comes in full force. So when Thomas offers Morgan a job with his new PI company he started with James, Morgan jumps at the opportunity of family and a stead job.

Morgan's first case with the PI company introduces us to the Race True. She is a hard nut to crack, but Morgan feels an instant connection with the beautiful hardcore workaholic, who is being threatened with a discretion from her past.

Morgan and True are scorching hot. Their push and pull has you laughing at times and crying the next. Both are stubborn and hardheaded and perfect for each other in every way.

But will the pull they have for each other be enough or will their stubbornness end up ending them?

I love love love this new series and can't wait for more from the guys of ALFA PI!

Bliss Chelle Bliss is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the Men of Inked series.

She loves to write happily ever afters filled with alpha males and sexy women.

Chelle spends her days writing, chatting on Facebook, and working on her craft.

The ALFA PI series a spin off of her Men of Inked series and she's excited to introduce a new world of characters to readers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Release Day Chelle Bliss! Sinful Intent is LIVE!

NOWAVAILABLETitle: Sinful Intent Series: ALFA PI Book #1 Release Date: July 14th Author: Chelle BlissSinful Intent Ebook Cover

The moment I saw her, I wanted her. I tried to resist her, but Race had other plans. One night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to my desires.
I still had a job to do before her world collapsed. If I failed at finding the person behind the threats, I could lose her forever.
Temptation can be dangerous.

I stood in the doorway, surveying the bar and trying to pick Ms. True out of the crowd. A woman peered up from her phone and looked back down. Whoever she was, she was fucking gorgeous. She sat there with her spine straight, blond hair in a perfect bun, and a crisp black dress shirt tucked into a gray pencil skirt. Her high cheekbones almost kissed her deep-green eyes. I wanted to saunter up to her, ask her for her number, and beg that on our first date she wear the red stilettos she had on, which made my cock instantly hard. She glanced up, caught me staring, and waved me over.  

Well, hell.

Maybe she wanted my number too. Keep calm and act natural. Her eyes remained down, concentrating on her phone, as I approached.
 “Mr. DeLuca, I presume,” she said, glancing up for a moment, her emerald eyes flickering.
“Take a seat.”

Disappointment flooded me. The beautiful creature in front of me wasn’t calling me over to get my number. She was my new client.

“Ms. True?” I asked, letting my eyes linger on her legs for a little too long but not caring.

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BlissChelle Bliss is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the Men of Inked series.

She loves to write happily ever afters filled with alpha males and sexy women.

Chelle spends her days writing, chatting on Facebook, and working on her craft.

The ALFA PI series a spin off of her Men of Inked series and she's excited to introduce a new world of characters to readers.

COVER REVEAL: My Kind of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin



Liam Page knows music and a life of solitude, but that all changed when he returned to Beaumont.

The once notorious bad boy lead singer of 4225 West is now living the domesticated life with his wife and high school sweetheart, Josie, and their son, Noah.

Life is good for the Westbury family, until Liam is called back to Los Angeles and the place where it all started for him.

Liam and Josie's story continues in this last installment of The Beaumont Series​​.

Release Date: September 8, 2015




Heidi is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.
Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup, two Parakeets, Gonzo & Hedwig, and their newest addition of a Highland West/Mini Schnauzer, Jill.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter's basketball games.

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