Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Knock Out Love by Pella Grace

His wayward hair looks like it does a lot of rolling across the sheets ...

LILLA KING can't stop fantasizing about men--which normally wouldn't be a problem--except for the fact she's married. A trip to the grocery store leaves her unable to keep her secret fantasy at bay. One look at the beautiful man working in the produce section has her sneaking out of her house and lying to her husband. One smile from him has her buying push-up bras and dancing stupidly in the aisles. One kiss makes her question what true love is. One night with CASH VALENTINE reveals she isn't the only one hiding secret desires.

What if the love you've always wanted, dreamed possible, and craved was right there for the taking? What if you could have everything you've always wanted, if only you didn't belong to another?

I want to knock her love out. I want to pull it from her chest while it’s beating fervently and be slapped for doing so. To play. To rumble. Truth and lies. Ugly sin and the prettiest fucking thing I have ever seen.

24-year-old CASH VALENTINE has always followed his heart. And now, he can't get the woman he met in the check-out lane out of his head. What started as flirtatious conversation with a muse, turned quickly into stolen moments with the love of his life. But what happens when the love of your life belongs to another man? And what if that man owns everything your family has worked for?

What would you risk for one true love?

As a child Pella loved writing poetry, and swore she'd grow up to be a songwriter. Her love of poetry heavily influenced her writing style and lead Pella on a path to writing romantic, melodic, sensual books.
Pella describes her writing style as, "if I had James Barrie as a step-father and Rita Leganski as a fairy godmother, with weekend visits from George Carlin, you'd end up with my books. I'm also mother-less, so I have a habit of placing my characters into angst-ridden plot points. (Don't forget the fairy dust.)"

Pella Grace has been featured in publications such as Fresh Fiction and a guest blog author for USA Today.
Away from writing Pella donates her time being an advocate for small farm owners, as well as tending to her own garden.
She is also a mother, trained chef, and wife ... hiding from the dirty dishes.
Knock Love Out is Pella Grace's debut romance novel, publisher Swoon Romance.

 Pella tells you about the book and answers some questions about herself.

I absolutely loved Knock Out Love! Warren "Cash" Valentine is smart, funny, sarcastic, romantic swoon worthy and charming. It's no wonder that Lilla is drawn to him. Even with a seemingly perfect guy who is willing to love you for you, no matter what, can Lilla get past her insecurities and learn to let go? This story was a different kind of love story. It kinda threw me off at first being hit out the gate with Lilla wanting to have an affair. Lilla is 15 years older than Cash and although she finds Cash to be charming and even with her falling in love with him, due to her relationship with Adam, she really has a hard time trusting herself and Cash. This is a story of what love can do when you really let go and open yourself to the possibilities. I highly recommend this book! I look forward to reading more from Pella Grace.

**Pella has a new series being released in October 2013 called Sweetest Day!!

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