Sunday, August 18, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Inky by J.B. Hartnett

Anika “Inky” Redding is passionate about two things; her love of painting and her fiancĂ© Evan. While working as a bartender to pay her bills, she meets Cole, a sexy divorcee. She denies their mutual attraction and tries to put him out of her mind.

When an abusive person from her childhood makes an unexpected visit, Inky’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and truths are exposed leaving Inky devastated and questioning what she thought was love. As she picks up the pieces and tries to move on, she finds her path crosses with Cole once again and this time, she cannot deny the passion between them.

Once she opens her heart again, will she be able to move forward or will her past find a way to stop her?

“It’s even more beautiful than I remember it.” I was not alone. His voice flowed over my exposed back to the nape of my neck and climbed to my ears. I felt my skin ignite with his rich smooth tone. Maybe this was the effect of the Cognac and champagne combined with the emotion of the painting. I was afraid to turn around. So many things could happen now. I could turn into a pillar of salt, unlikely. I could blush or say something inappropriate, more likely. But the most likely outcome would be that the tears that were just sitting there, holding on for dear life, would break free and expose me completely. I chose to look ahead. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to acknowledge him. I didn’t want to break the spell. His hand rested at the small of my back and he spoke gently to me, “It’s magnificent. You captured it perfectly… Anika.”

This week has been an amazing week for me and Inky has put the cherry on top of my sundae. This book is stunning, in both good and bad ways. I am speechless and yet I have so many things running though my head. It just so happen that as I was finishing up this book, I became friends with Julie through Goodreads. We had a convo going back and forth, mostly of me begging her to let me be a beta so I could get the next book in my hands ASAP. WARNING: this book has a major cliff hanger. And thankfully we won't have to wait forever to see what happens.

I can't really say too much more that what is in the synopsis without giving away key parts to the story. Just know that I could not put this book down and I have thought about it everyday since I finished it last week. The characters are well written, sucking you into their world. I felt like I was there in the bar with them, or at their house and was a part of their group. That's when you know the book is good. This a roller coaster of a ride that will have you screaming for more. Cole is so....sigh....but he has his own demons to contend with. All I have to say is BRILLIANT! I am going to hyperventilate until the next book comes out...carry on.

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Julie is a Southern California native, a fan of a really good story (preferably romance with a happily ever after), really good pie (preferably pumpkin) and copious amounts of coffee (preferably Folgers).

She has always enjoyed writing and at one time thought she could be a singer songwriter...the 'writer' part is the one that stuck.
Julie is obsessed with pi...the equation(and the food). She's allergic to cats and cantaloupe and hates if you ever want to give her a gift, those are out for sure.She currently lives with her own romance hero husband and two boys in Melbourne, Australia.

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