Friday, February 14, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: The Unfiltered Series

Thirteen Friends.  Several Pitchers of Margaritas.  One Crazy Idea.

The UNFILTERED series started when Payge Galvin gathered her far-flung friends for a spa weekend.  Payge suggested that the group write “something together” as a literary hive mind, to encourage the group to stay in touch more often. After several rounds of poolside cocktails, the ladies had a plot and plans for twelve titles.

This high-concept, indie-published New Adult ebook series starts with one unforgettable night. “First there was sex, and then came death.” Twelve strangers walk away from a night-shift shooting at The Coffee Cave with more than $100,000 each in drug money, a pact never to speak again, and the chance to start over. Each story follows one of these characters as they embrace a "carpe diem" attitude after the events of that night. Some seek fame, others seek forgiveness, some just want to skip town; but every character, whether they’re looking for it or not, finds love. 

In UNFILTERED & UNLAWFUL, Sasha "Sugar" Kovac has spent her days selling coffee to the co-eds at ASU Rio Verde and her nights trying not to run back to her ex . . . or join the throngs of girls lusting after her friend, Adam. But why should Sugar give in to the Harley-riding tattoo artist when his longest relationships haven't lasted more than a weekend? Sugar's life takes a turn for the dangerous when someone comes looking for the people connected to the Cave shooting and the cash they split. To protect herself and those she cares about, Sugar has to get out of town --and fast.  When Adam insists on coming with her, Sugar finds herself holed up in a tiny house with a hot man, a stash of cash, and a lot of secrets. Can Sugar protect both her life and her heart when temptation is so close? Or is the past she's fled going to catch up with her? 

A second road is explored in UNFILTERED & UNKNOWN. Dillon Varga has always craved the spotlight. Now, with his new found riches, he jumps at the chance to leave his troubled past behind and take a shot at his future. With his best friend Savannah Miller by his side, Dillon hits the neon lights of Las Vegas for a chance at a spot on the hit TV show American Voice.  As they both move up in the singing competition, feelings surface between them that make both singers wonder if there might be more to life than just fame and fortune. Together they'll have to dodge the perils of celebrity judges, sexy competitors, and the truth about the past to find the one thing they desire most -- each other.

The UNFILTERED series offers one hundred percent romance stories with heroes of every type, from tough and tattooed to the All-American athlete. Every last title has a “happily ever after,” with interweaving plots tying the stories together in one long arc to solve the mystery behind the killing. The heat level in each installment ranges from spicy sweet to extremely steamy, and the authors provide a handy one-to-four cup heat rating on the covers to help readers pick their pleasure.

 When I first read about this concept for the series, I was definitely intrigued. I was not disappointed at all! This is such a fresh and unique way of telling a story - breaking it up into 12 novellas that pull you in and wanting for more.

I started and just could not put the books down. And once I finished book 2, I was so ready for book 3! I love that each book gives you a rating system too on the cover alerting you to the steam factor of each book.  Love love love and can not wait for the next installment.
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  1. They sound intriguing and I know if you like them they have to be good!!!

  2. Very interesting; sounds different. I like the mix of mystery with romance. Adding it to my list. Thanks

  3. sounds like an awesome series, adding it to my TBR list