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Top 25 Girlfriends and Series of 2013

 The girls...they get a bad rap sometimes. And yes, I have whined and complained about a lot of the leading ladies that I thought whined and complained too much (Kettle meet Black). But these girls...these girls are the ones I want to hang with. These are the girls I can see myself being best friends, babysitting for them, helping them pick out clothes before they go on dates with their hot boyfriends. (Yes, I know I they are not real ~ but humor me - I moved a lot as a kid and never had girl friends growing up!) Now girls usually hang in a lot of these are from the same books.

  1. Brynne Bennett - The beautiful American girl in London. Her affection for cowboy boots, Mexican food and love of art. Her and I could definitely hang. My major before switching to Film and TV was Art History. And her boyfriend is not too hard on the eyes either. :) The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller
  2. Deliah Sampson - She's the frumpy girl, but the sex kitten underneath it all. She's smart, sarcastic and never takes herself too seriously. She sounds just like me! Hey There Deliah by M.D. Saperstine and Andria Large
  3. Trace Rooks and
  4. Mo Abandonato - These two girls are who can stand up for themselves. Then again when you're Mob Princesses, you kinda have to. They like to play jokes on the boys in their lives. They like to defy the rules. The rebel in me wants to be just like them :) Elite and Elect by Rachel Van Dyken.
  5. Ellie Johnson and
  6. Ari and
  7. Heather Lambert and
  8. Amanda and
  9. Jessie - Homegrown girls. Hanging out at the ranch, having a few drinks, watching the kids play and giggling over our men. They have each other's backs. They stand by each other through thick and thin. Loyal to the end. The Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott
  10. Abby Renard and
  11. Mia Martinelli and 
  12. Lily - These women have to be strong willed and must really love their men. A life on the road is tough but they have each other to help along the way. The Runaway Train Series by Katie Ashley
  13. Lanie Vance and
  14. Aubrey Jenson and 
  15. Holly Pearson - Another group of tough as nails girls. The women behind The Black Falcon Boys.  The Black Falcon Series by Michelle Valentine
  16. Josie and
  17. Katelyn and
  18. Jenna -  I see a trend here. I really like the girls who have rockers as boyfriends. Maybe it's because they need to be secure and not put up with any bull in order to hang. I like that. The Beaumont Series by Heidi McLaughlin
  19. Isabelle West and 
  20. Melissa Larson and
  21. Dee and
  22. SWAY!!!! - Ok I had to put Sway in the group because he is FABULOUS!!!! These girls have been through a wringer of emotions but they are strong and their men are MARINES. Love me a man in uniform. The Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan
  23. Jane Black - Ok so this time, she's the rocker and she a cool one at that. Single mom and a mouth watering British boyfriend. Meet her in Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely
  24. Claire and
  25. Liz and 
  26. Jenny - These women have me in stitches. Sex talk and Chocolate - how can it get any better than that! The Chocolate Lovers Series by Tara Sivec
Here are the links to buy these great books!

Looking for a good series to start? Then this list should get you on your way. And when your done reading these, shoot me a line and I will suggest more! This was a tough one for me, so these are the first 25 that came to mind. Click on the name of the series to go to the Goodreads page for the series.

  1. The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller
  2. Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken
  3. Wanted Series by Kelly Elliot
  4. Now Series by Brenda Rothert
  5. Drew + Fable Series by Monica Murphy
  6. Promise Me Series by Paige Weaver
  7. Runaway Train Series by Katie Ashley
  8. Up in the Air Series by RK Lilley
  9. Life. Destiny. Fate. Series by LK Collins
  10. Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan
  11. Black Falcon Series by Michelle A. Valentine
  12. Fighting for Love Series by Gina L. Maxwell
  13. Beck Brothers Series by Andria Large
  14. Alluring Indulgence Series by Nicole Edwards
  15. The Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg
  16. Real Series by Katy Evans
  17. A Seaside Novel Series by Rachel Van Dyken
  18. Heartbeat Series by Teodora Kostova
  19. The Woodlands Series by Jen Frederick
  20. Unexpected Series by Anne Leigh
  21. With Me in Seattle Series by Kristen Proby
  22. Luke Series by Cassia Leo
  23. Sunflower Trilogy by Jennifer Domenico
  24. Needing Moore Series by Julie A. Richman
  25. The Leaves Series by JB Hartnett
Now there are a TON more series that I can recommend. If I did that - this list would go on to my top 100 or 150? So many great books out there!

Now I am going to leave my Top Reads of 2013 to next...During my Blogversity on January 7th. Look for a giveaway and lots of fun next week! Happy New Year Everyone! See you next week!

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