Monday, December 30, 2013

TOP 25 Authors I Can't Live Without - 2013

I read a lot. Even so,  this list was probably one of the easiest for me to put together. There wasn't a lot of hemming and hawing - going back and forth. This list is pretty tried and true for me. Anyone who knows me, know that if I recommend a book, it will probably more than likely come from one of these 25 authors. And the amazing thing is that over the past year, I have come to be friends with quite a few of these ladies. So it's an honor to name these women my tops of 2013. *as before they are in no particular order - because all of them mean so much to me. <3 And you may ask, what is it that makes them my top 25. Well if I get a manuscript from them, I will pretty much drop anything and everything I am doing to start reading. :) If you click on their names, it will take you to their Amazon Author Pages so you can purchase their books and get to reading!

   1.  Ok so I may have fibbed a bit. This woman is my Number ONE, I will do anything for her at the drop of a pin. Raine Miller. This woman deserves a standing ovation anytime she walks into a room for giving the world Ethan Blackstone! And not only did she give us Ethan but we also got Neil McManus from just this past month. She was the first author I friended on FB and we have been through a whirlwind of a year together.  If you haven't read the Blackstone Affair (and I am amazed there are still a few of you out there and I forgive you) add them to your TBR now and then start reading! You can check out all of my trailers for the Blackstone Affair and for Cherry Girl here:


  2.   Rachel Van Dyken - This girl, she amazes and astonishes me on a daily basis. She is my little sister from another mister. And I can not believe I had never read any of her books before October of this year! She is a writing machine and her husband actually locks up her computer at times so she will take a break. Her writing is witty, comical, heart wrenching at times and always leaves me with a smile on my face. Her love of Swedish Fish is beyond compare to anyone else I know and she has agreed to sing a song at my vow renewal in 2017 for my 20th wedding anniversary and be one of my bridesmaid. We virtually shook on it...its a done deal. She released SEVEN books in 2013 and I think I have read them each at least 3 times. I am so happy that she allowed me to stalk her! You can see the trailers I did for her HERE.

  3.  Kelly Elliott - This woman can write Texas romance like no other. When I read a Kelly Elliott book I know that I am going to get a book about family, love, true romance and Texas at its best. She is a Hobby Lobby Addict (so if you are in a Hobby Lobby in the Austin or San Antonio area and think you see her - it is probably her!) Her Wanted Series and now her Broken Series makes my heart happy.

  4.   Heidi McLaughlin - Rockers. (Check) Melt you on the spot. (Check) Want to move to Beaumont. (Check). I totally get lost in Heidi's books. I have been with her since Forever My Girl came out and have loved every moment of the journey with 4225 West this year. I have been lucky to see Heidi a few times this year and can't wait until we get to meet up again. Go buy the Beaumont Series, Meet Liam and Josie, Harrison and Katelyn, Jimmy and Jenna...Be with the "In" crowd ;)

 5.  Lauren Blakely - I believe it was Kelly Simmons who contacted me and asked if I would like to review a book for Lauren Blakely. I had seen her name around on various blogs, but as a one woman blog team - it's impossible to read everyone that you want. I had been wanting to read her books because I heard they were fabulous and so I said yes! sign me up. Boy am I ever glad I did. I had a Lauren Blakely marathon that weekend. After reading Playing with Her Heart, I went back and bought every Lauren Blakely book out there. And now if Kelly says Lauren - I don't have to think. Yes Yes Yes sign me up! Her books, you can picture yourself there. My love for Broadway, Working in the Music Business...all my dream jobs I can live through Lauren's books.

 6.  Michelle A. Valentine - Black Falcon - Need I say more! Plus Michelle wrote the first paranormal novel that I ever read in its entirety and was hooked on Demon At Your Door. When I met her in NYC the first thing I told her was that I loved DaYD and wanted to make it into a movie. I believe her response was Hell Yeah! I call her the Humanitarian, she calls me the Mayor. If you ever see us out. Crazy is coming your way!

 7.  Monica Murphy - I remember getting the email from my friend Christine asking me if I would like to be on the tour for a new author that she knew I was going to love. Drew and Fable pulled me into their Marshmellow world and I have held tight ever since. And not only am I hooked on Drew + Fable but also her Bilionaire Bachelor Club Series too. So so good. This was the book reveal we did with one week girlfriend...way back when.


8.  Katie Ashley - Aiden Fitzpatrick, AJ Resendiz, Jake Slater, Rhys McGowan, Noah Sullivan, Maddox Diaz. Katie's books are those that gives you great leading males and heroines that don't put up with being walked over. These are books you just can't put down. You wait for your Kindle to update for the next book to download. I can always be guarenteed a good laugh, hot steamy scenes and a tale that will leave me smiling at the end.

 9.  Jillian Dodd - I just have to say that The Keatyn Chronicles are my guilty pleasure. I had read That Boy and That Wedding by Jillian first but then I saw Stalk Me free on iTunes and so I thought well I loved her other books, why not try it out. Keatyn oh my goodness. This girl. I was this girl as a teen. Well not, the daughter of a movie star who lives this fabulous life - but the girl who movie scripted her life. I connected, she was everything I wanted to be as a teen. As soon as the next book in the series hits, I pre-order and wait for it download at 1am and then start reading immediately. 

10.  L.B Simmons - LB's Mending Hearts series, Love Love Love and Love. This woman could write the phone book and make me sigh. Romance, heart breaking love, healing and redemption. Three of the cutest little girls you will ever meet. And every time I see LB I just want to hug and squeeze her and tell her thank you for some of the best reads this year!

11. Kristen Proby - Another woman who needs a standing ovation for those Montgomery Men. Lawd have mercy. Movie Star, Football Player, Rock Star, Navy Seal. I want to start over in my next life - hopefully that is an alternative universe where these men are real and I live in Seattle to meet just one of them! Please! And now Kristen has a Montana Series that I am about to dive into for 2014! Oh I can't wait!

12. Jen Frederick - Addiction. That is the one word that describes my love of Jen Frederick. Her Woodland Series - I adore but not as much as her Charlotte Chronicles in which I stalk my email weekly for the next installment. I am so excited to start her new series that she is co-writing with Jessica Clare - The Hitman Series.

13.  Molly McAdams - Molly oh Molly - She is the first author that made me get in a fight with my husband over a book. It was 3 am and I was reading Taking Chances and I came to THAT scene. Those of you who have read the book, know the scene. I ugly cried, I started to hyperventilated and he awoke to me crying and gulping for air. I tried to explain to him what was going on as he is asking me questions trying to figure out what on earth is going on. I finally grab my nook and show him and he literally PUSHED me out of the bed and said he could not believe I was crying over a book! There is much more to that story - but I can't tell you because then you will know exactly what happened (for those of you who haven't read it). I love Molly's Fan Club T-Shirts - "Got Tears?" She will bring them out of you... and sometimes when I need a good cry all I have to do is go to Molly! LOL.

14.  R.K. Lilley - Mr. Beautiful. Need I say more? Ok I will say a little more. Rebecca's Up in the Air Series was probably one of the most talked about among my friends and I this year. I was absorbed with the life of James and Bianca. Their unique love and the music playlist consumed me for a good month. Then there was Lana and Tristan and Danika. Another truly guilty pleasure and probably one of the best endings to a series ever! 

15.  Colleen Hoover - When I first started reading again, one of the first series I read was the Slammed Series by Colleen. I devoured the books and then read them two more times and then I told every friend I knew to read the books and I even lent out my copies to a friend (which I haven't received back yet!) And then came Hopeless and I cried and cried and then called a friend and cried again. And then Losing Hope - which was the same story but only thorugh Holder's POV and I think I cried even harder! LOL. I really am as sap. But the best part was that I worked a signing in Austin and Colleen was there with the ever so cute Griffin and got the first copy of Losing Hope signed by Griffin and Colleen. This picture is a very happy Becca! Grab a box of tissue and grab a book my Colleen. 

16.  Melissa Brown - My friends kept asking me if I had read Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown. I hadn't but this was another book that I saw go free on Amazon. I fell in love with the words pouring out of the page. I felt the pain because I had been through this with friends of mine. I connected and Melissa has not disappointed me one step of the way. Her Love of my Life Series is pure bliss to me.

17.  E.L. Montes - Emmy was probably the second friend that I made on FB. I had read Disastrous and fell in love with Marcus Delucas. I have always had a soft spot for Boston and so Marcus appealed to me in so many ways. We had long chats about the meaning behind some of the things that Marcus would do, we talked trailers, book covers, she became my daughter Emmy's favorite author in the world because she has the coolest name EVER. She introduced me to some awesome authors and I am blessed to call her a friend. I can't wait to read her newest adventure releasing in Feb 2014 Perfectly Damaged. I will always have a special place in my heart for Marcus.

18.  Harper Sloan - Um Harper, Holly and I are dead serious! We want to come live in Georgia and live in the world that is Axel, Cage, Beck, Cooper and Locke. And sweet baby Jesus we can not forget about Sway! OH Sway!! I can be a reporter, Holly can work for Sway. I mean come on.. Hotter than sin Marine Corp men who are Alpha protective of their family and friends. Ummm Yes please!! This series is marvelous! I will drop anything for these men.

19.  Tasha Ivey -I sat crying reading Destiny Ever-changing. And then came Every Breathe and Every Kiss. And like I said yesterday Tasha's books to me are home. I just feel like I live in their universe. I want to be friends with her characters. I was want to hang out. Never leave. Yes I am one of those friends, that you have to kick me out. I just love Tasha and her writing. She asks me to do something for her. Done.

20.  Emily Snow - From Rockers to Fallen Movie Stars Emily Snow has a way with word that winds me up. I get obsessed with the words as they poor out of the page as if she is sitting in front of me, talking to me and telling the story to me personally. Yeah Emily. Read her. You won't be sorry.

21.  LK Collins - I remember the sweet email I got from LK Collins right before Fatalism came out. Thanking me for taking the time to read her book. And then I met her in Vegas and just fell in love with her. It's funny how the sweet ones can write the steamiest of scenes. I love this series and each book gets better. Check her out. Buy the series. Meet Vincent and Abel and next comes Troy!

22.  Paige Weaver - When I started reading Promise Me Darkness, it took me back to the time when I really feel in love with reading. One of my favorite books as a teen was Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. Promise Me Darkness and Promise Me Light took me back to those days. This is an apocolypic story with a love story that had me weak in the knees. Ryder Delaney totally took me by storm. The bad boy who thinks he's not good enough for the girl who all she wants to do is love him. Sigh...gets me every time. :)

23.  Julie Richman - Julie contacted me while she was writing Searching for Moore. She was getting ready to release and really didn't know what to do. Someone had told her that I liked working with new authors and that maybe I could help her figure some things out. And since we were fellow Texans. Why Not! I fell in love with Schooner Moore. I loved that this was a love story with people my age. I loved the devotion and the connection and I loved talking about it all with Julie. Meet Schooner and Mia. It's a long journey but one that I can't wait to see how it ends.

24.  Kristy Bromberg - Fast cars, hot driver, love story that drives you insane because you know they are made for each other....WHY Why can't they see it themselves. Kristy and I start talking at the beginning of the Summer. I had her books, but since I wasn't on a tour, they were a low priority. As soon as I would get ready to read them, thinking I finally have time, something would come up. So when the tour came around for Fueled - I signed up and then I kicked myself for days for not reading these books sooner. Although I was extremely happy that I had book 2 to dive into right away. If I would have had to wait for that book, I would have gone insane. So now...if Kristy

25.  Tara Sivec - Tara oh Tara. The person who made my mom tell people I work in the soft porn business (True Story). Oh how I love Tara and her warped sense of humor that I so get.  Just read. And you will be gasping for air and laughing so hard, you may pee your pants. (just a fair warning) And her books were the other book that I read, that got me kicked out of my bed at 3 am because I was laughing too loud. Buy all her books. Just do it.

26. J.B. Hartnett -  I know I said Top 25 but I lied! Julie I think needs to be added because she really deserves to be on both of my lists for New Authors and Authors I would drop everything for. Inky, Cole and now Nico coming in February are just stunning, incredible, blew me away reads. They are dark and thought provoking and nothing like my usual read and I think that is why I LOVE them SOOOOOO Much. 

This is how I feel when I first get a book by from any of these authors into my hands.

Hopefully there are some authors here that maybe you have never heard of and will give a try! Check back with me tomorrow as I count down my top 15 Boyfriends and Girlfriends of the Year - Plus my Top 25 Must Reads of the Year! Have a safe and fun New Year Eve and I will see y'all in 2014! 


  1. Hahahahahaha I love the Minion gif!!!

  2. Oh I have to agree with you on most of these authors (some I haven't read yet, so I will have to check out.) I must, however, point you to two of my all time favorite authors. When they publish a book, I drop what I'm reading to read theirs: Nicole Edwards and Sylvain Reynard. Two different writing styles but, I HAVE to read their books. It's like it's in my DNA or something. Please, check them out. :)
    ~Katrina Chadwick Wofford ~

    1. I had a very hard time stopping at 25. Yes Nicole is another Author that I am completely hooked on. LOVE those Walker men!! And yes I must be the only person to have read the professor. But maybe in 2014 :)

    2. I had a very hard time stopping at 25. Yes Nicole is another Author that I am completely hooked on. LOVE those Walker men!! And yes I must be the only person to have read the professor. But maybe in 2014 :)