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2013 TOP 25 Authors - Part 1

So here it is, that time of year to make our lists and share with you who our faves are. This is the toughest thing to do for a person like myself. Number one...I have read a lot of books this year. I am almost to 300 books, meaning I read close to 1.2 books per day. That's a lot of books and a lot of authors. 

So making these lists are like choosing your favorite child. You can't really do it. But instead of listing everything and everyone that I have read this year, you can go to my Goodreads profile and just look at it yourself. You can do that HERE. And if you want to see what I am planning on reading still, you can do it HERE. I currently have 1138 Books on my TBR list and I am sure I am missing a ton of books that I would love to read. So you get where I am coming from?  

So I thought I would start with my easier of the lists and that is my Fave Authors. 

There will be two lists. The first - Authors I can't live without. When these ladies put out a book, I usually stop whatever I am doing and pick up their books. The second list is New Authors I think you should give a try. This year there was a flood of new authors some of the truly amazing! So here we go with my lists.

This year was the breakout year for Authors. There were so many new books and new authors hitting the scene, it was hard to keep up. I met some truly amazingly talented women this year and this is just a small taste of the talent that is out there. Those on this list had books that blew me away and had there first books published in 2013. They are in no particular order because that is just too hard to do. I promise you, you will not be disappointed with any of these reads! If you click on their names it will take you to their Goodreads Profiles so you can check out their books.

  1. Melissa L. Delgado - I found Melissa through Emmy Montes. She gifted me the book and told me that I would love the book and she wanted me to do a trailer for it too. As soon as I started to read, I fell in love. Melissa has a way with works and I totally fell in love with the Dean Brothers. Book #2 Ending a Torn Past in her Journey series is coming out in early 2014. Here is the Trailer I did for Ending a Broken Journey.

2. Brenda Rothert - I just recently found Brenda through a blog tour that I signed up for. She has become one of my addictions. Especially her Bound Series which I am absolutely in love with. Read her books!

  3. Andria Large -  Have you meet the Beck Brothers? Henry, Sabastian, Quinn and Christian. If not, you must run to Amazon right this minute and buy this series. I could not put these books down and spent an entire 24 hours reading all four books back to back! Plus if you are a big fan of Emma Chase and Tangled, then you will love The Taboo Series with her first book, co-written with MD

  5. Elyssa Patrick - One of my favorite Rock Romance's - but of a different kind, whereas the female lead is the rock/pop star. Can't wait for the rest of her series. Seriously loved this book!

  6. Barbie Borhman - Promise Me was a book that I absolutely adored. Such a great read for a debut author. Can't wait for more from Ms. Borhman! Plus I did a trailer for Promise Me too.  

  7. Melanie Dawn - I loved Melanie's debut - So Much It Hurts. It was different than your typical HEA. Great writing and can't wait for book 2 in the series!

  8. Jessica Ingro - Angst Driven, Hot Sex, Love Story of a different kind - Check Check Check. Now go read.

  9. Bayli Lane - I really loved this debut from Bayli Lane. I especially loved Lily and Colton. 

10. Nacole Stayton - The Upside of Letting Go was another fave of mine last year. There were twisted and turns and mystery and some angst and raw love. Sigh...and then she wrote A Graceful Mess and I loved her a little more.

11. Tasha Ivey - Tasha's books to me are Home. Her hero as good ole southern boys and her heroines are strong willed southern women and I just love love love her to death!

12. Renee Carlino - Sweet Thing tugged at my heart and made it sing. Such a great love story. I can't wait for more from Renee!

13. Mia Henry - Love her style. Love her writing, love her characters. Love her.

14. Rachel Van Dyken -  Rachel's not really a new author, but she made her debut into the Contempory Genre full force this year with some incredible reads. Want to laugh, cry, fall head over heals for her heros. Yes please. Seven books this year alone. She is a writing machine with several series that are all oh so good. Here are a few of the trailers I have done for her this year.

15. Kristy Bromberg - One name - Colton Donovan. Racecar Driver, Smart Ass, Broken but Sexy as all hell. Go now...

16. Julie Richman - A leading man my age and with a name you will never forget - Schooner Moore.  Julie knows how to tell a story that will have you on edge and you'll laugh and cry and ask WHY??? 

 17. Gail McHugh - I am not big into angst. I can take a little here and then. But let me tell you that Gail is the QUEEN mother of angst. I would text her back and forth while reading, claiming that if my heart gave out, it would all be her fault! Gavin is so worth the angst. 

18. Rebecca Shea - I love tales of those who grow up together and then fall in love - Unbreakable is one such story that will take you on a roller coaster of a ride. Love me some Rebecca Shea or Becca Squared as I like to call her when we are together.

19. Erika Ashby - I was entranced with Erika and her novels. I started book 1 around lunch time and stayed up for a good 18 hours reading the entire series at that point. Plot twists, angst and finding your true love. <3

20. Jen Frederick - I am a woman obsessed with Jen Fredrick's Woodland's series. And if you subscribe to her newsletter, you get her spinoff Charlotte Chronicles. I stalk my email each week waiting for the next installment. Her words flow so easily before you know it, you have been reading for hours. I never want this series to end and with Charlotte, I think my wish might come true, especially after reading her Christmas Snow Kissed!

17. LK Collins - I met LK while I was in Vegas and totally fell in love with her. I would totally stalk her and move near her just to be her best friend. (am I sounding like a stalker?) That's why when she releases a book, I HAVE to be on her tour and I HAVE to do an interview with her characters. I need to be a part of their world. Here is my Interview with Abel.

18. Lisa De Jong - One of the best emotional reads of the year - When it Rains and her Plastic Hearts Series was so so good. All her books are a must to your TBR.

19. Gabbie S. Duran - A great debut that was a little different. Some paranormal feel to it, but not really categorized as such. Loved the characters and I had a good laugh and cry both with this book. It's a great read.

20. Harper Sloan - Sweet Baby Jesus! If you have not met Sway and the boys of Security Corps, you just have not lived. Hot Alpha Male sex on a stick Marines in the deep south! Yes please, sign me up. I am trying to convince her to write Holly and I into her next novel. Hey a girl can dream.

21. Sloan Johnson - Sloan writes BDSM is a different light. The Isthmus Alliance Series pulls you in and tugs at your heart and makes you look at this lifestyle in a different way. I have loved each of her books and can't wait for the next.

22. Melissa Rolka - Well written and I am looking forward to more from this author.

23. Faith Andrews - Man of My Dreams was a great read and it was a relate-able and most true to life story. I could see it happening to me, to my best friend. Those are the stories that make you think.

24. EK Blair - EK Blair was another author that I met in Vegas and just loved. She is one of the sweetest people I have met. I must admit, I have only just started reading her books. I have read some shorts that she has written. But what I have started I love and all of my friends rave about her and now I know why. I have already started the emotional rollercoaster and am on the uplift hill right now. I will let you know how great a ride it was when I am done with the series.

25. Erin Noelle - Erin has taken me from highs and lows with her boyfriend series. You will definitely pick sides. You will definitely have WTF! moments. You will swoon. You will cry. You may even throw your kindle up against the wall. And that's exactly the reaction she wants you to have! LOL. I love me some Erin!

 Come back Tomorrow for my 25 Authors I can't live without.
 In the meantime, so add these authors to your TBR lists!

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