Friday, May 3, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Promise Me by Barbie Bohrman

Cover Designer: Sarah Hansen @ Okay Creations
Release Date:  May 28, 2013
Book Title:  Promise Me
Genre:  New Adult Romance

Sabrina Chandler must go back home to face her past and confront her once best friend and ex-boyfriend who betrayed her in the worst way possible.
Returning to her past also means coming face to face with the boy who was standing in the shadows one fateful night. The same boy she made a promise to and who unknowingly walked away with her heart.
Can she move forward with her life when her heart is still 10 years in the past?


Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to the New Jersey after getting her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Miami-Dade Community College. She currently resides in the Garden State with her two children. Her hobbies include movies, great TV shows, reading, reading, and even more reading.

It's almost midnight, my flight is just under ten hours away and I have yet to pack one single thing. With that admission, we scramble to my room and start to go through my closet, trying to make the best selections possible given that we are both fairly tipsy at this point. Julia mumbles something under her breath about going to check on something in her room and that she'll be right back, leaving me alone in the eye of the storm, or of what's left of my closet.

​Right where I had left it a few weeks ago, the box marked "old stuff" is sitting on its perch. Before switching off the light to my closet, I pull it off the shelf and hunker down right in the middle of a pile of rejected clothes. This time, I immediately open the box and dig out the yearbook. As I flip through the pages, Julia returns and slides down the wall to sit beside me, asking me questions about certain people. When we get to Tyler's picture, I stop and touch my fingers lightly over it.

​"Hey," Julia says breaking me out of my trance, "no sulking, remember."

​"I know. Just...," I trail off, not sure of exactly what I want to say.

​"Just, nothing," she says, "It's all going to be fine, trust me. Now put that away, I have something for you."

​She hands me a box that's been wrapped beautifully with a big red bow on top. I carefully tear off the paper and gasp out loud at the sight of the designer's name. I look up at her and see she's sporting a smile from ear to ear.

​"Julia, it's too much, I can't take them," trying to hand the box back to her. She puts out her hands to shove them back in my direction.

​"Every woman deserves a pair of Louboutin’s. Didn't you know that one pair of shoes can change your life, Sabrina."

​No, I didn't know that, but I do know that they cost a fortune. I look up at her and she raises her eyebrow to warn me that there is no way in hell she's going to take no for an answer. I gingerly lift one of the shoes and hold it in my hands as if it were a semi-precious stone. They’re black, soft satin, peep toe pumps with an ankle strap that is adorned with a bow… and of course, the trademark red sole.

​"Thank you so much, for everything. They are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen and they're going to look amazing with the dress I'll be wearing. You’ve made me feel like I'm Cinderella today."

​I pull the shoes out and clutch them to my chest, causing the box to fall from my lap lopsided and see about a dozen condoms spill onto the floor. Laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, I grab one and throw it at Julia.

​"Yeah, figured you might need those too," she says, winking at me.

​After we quickly clean up the mess in my closet, Julia gives me a hug and calls it a night. I crawl into bed, catching a glimpse of the clock on my night stand. 2:15 AM. Staring at my packed suitcase, I sigh out loud and roll over. I eventually fall asleep, and dream about Cinderella running after her pumpkin carriage in the most kick ass pair of Louboutin's I've ever seen.

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