Wednesday, May 8, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Fool for You by Megan Noelle

Seven years ago Danielle Hamilton left her home in Serenity Cove leaving behind a drug addicted mother, work-obsessed Grandmother and the first boy she has ever loved.  Danielle promised herself she would never return, but now—she has no choice. The family Inn her Grandparents put their lives into is going under and Danielle is the last hope they have to save it.  

When she temporarily returns to her home town, she’s even less prepared than expected to run into her first love, Oliver Garrison.  After their encounter leaves her on edge she decides what is really needed is a distraction.  What she doesn’t expect is the way she feels when she meets Corey Preston with the bad boy edge, a gentle heart and smoking body.  

Oliver is everything she thought she ever wanted while Corey is everything she never thought she needed.  But Dani promised herself when she left Serenity Cove at 18 that never again, would this be her home. However, her heart didn’t get the memo and for the first time in her life, she feels at home.  

But will her demons from the past let her have the love she deserves? Or will she return to her life in New York—once again leaving her heart behind in the one place she fears to be?  

Another couple hours passed; Corey and I continued to talk about random things.  Everything from his rundown on each person in the bar, to what was playing on the jukebox.  It was now midnight; I was in a good and tipsy state but knew better than to keep drinking.  As much fun as I was having, that would only leave me with a fuzzy memory.  No matter what happened, I wanted to remember every part of it.  While the two of us talked our bodies shifted closer and closer as the time passed by.  Every now and then we were interrupted by Beefcake or a waiting customer but he always came back to where we left off.  Corey was in the middle of answering my question about one of the tattoos on his arm of a heart with the initials, A L K, within it when a young guy walked behind the bar into a back room. 

The kid nodded at Corey but didn’t bother stopping to say anything.  My eyes followed where he disappeared behind the door, wondering if this kid was even old enough to work here.  Corey’s laughter at whatever expression plastered across my face, pulled my attention away from the closed door and back to him.
“That’s Sanders—good kid.  He comes in at midnight; works till close, then helps the others clean up the place.”
“How old is he?” The question still rattled around my mind but I didn’t mean to ask it.
“21, he’s going to school right now and needs some extra cash.  Plus, that means I don’t need to clean this place up at the end of the night.” Corey smiled at me with a wink. “I’ve done enough of that over the years.”
“So your shift is over now?”
“It sure is.” Those blazing blue eyes looked to be staring a hole straight through me.  Instead of jumping across the bar and begging him to take me wherever it was he was going—I chose to play a different role.
“Well, it’s too bad, I was actually having a decent time.  Guess I’ll have to go catch up with my buddy over by the pool tables.” When my eyes shot that way for effect, I noticed Tanner was staring at me. Not on my life.  Of course, I couldn’t tell Corey that going back over there was the last thing I wanted to do.  Instead, I moved to get off the bar stool, but Corey suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of my arm. 
“Or you could come with me.”  The way his eyes darkened in a humorless and my oh my, seductive way, it made my heart rate quicken and the growing desire surge between my thighs.  There wasn’t one part that didn’t want to; my body screamed yes and my head was in whole-hearted agreement.

Megan Noelle is a 23-year old single mother.  Since she can remember, she has had a wild imagination.  She could spend hours on end playing in her own world in the backyard.  When she was old enough to stop playing around—I started writing.  In 7th grade she completed her first novel. Two of her closest friends read it and gave her the boost she needed to keep pursuing that new found dream.  Since then she has been writing any chance she gets.
Her inspirations come from everywhere.  Sometimes it’s a song, or a picture, maybe when she reads another book and of course, a single quote.  There’s no telling where she’ll be when inspiration strikes but she couldn't be happier.  Nothing makes her happier than when she’s writing.  So to be able to share this passion and dream with all of you…is more than she could ever hope for! 
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