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C.C. Wood, I believe, is going to be my new best friend! I was introduced to her writing by a good friend of mine, who just knew that I would love C.C. and her rich stories. And as always, she was right! I have read 3 out of her 4 novellas and with each one I dive into, I love her more and more. And hey she's a fellow Texan, like myself, who loves Rock! See how she is becoming my new BFF? What I absolutely love about C.C. is that her characters are well thought out and you really get to know them. That is a rarity in most novellas. They leave you wanting more. I adore her Girls Next Door Series. The females are strong and the guys are HOT! So today I am spotlighting my friend (and soon to be BFF) C.C. Wood.

C.C. Wood lives in Texas with her husband. They are owned by two beagles, who are still training them to be good doggie parents.

If she is not reading or writing, C.C. can be found in the kitchen contemplating what to cook for dinner or rummaging through drawers for take-out menus. On occasion she finds herself waking up on the floor because she found her husband cooking in the kitchen and the shock was too much.


Natalie York is done with relationships. D-O-N-E. After her latest loverboy hits on her best friend, she's tired of playing games and having her heart broken. From now on, she's keeping things casual.

When Nat meets her sexy new neighbor, Aidan Hart, she decides his offer to be friends with benefits is perfect. Soon, Nat discovers perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. Her ex reveals himself to be a slightly insane stalker, and, even worse, Nat discovers that keeping her heart locked up tight isn't working out like she planned. Either way, she's certain she's in for a bumpy ride.

FRENEMIES (Girl Next Door #2)

Cat Johnson has been badly burned in the past and likes to keep her relationships simple and, usually, short. When her best friend, Nat, gets engaged, Cat meets Nat's future brother-in-law, Patrick Hart, and sparks fly. The only hitch is his fiancee, Anya. Angry and disillusioned, Cat spends the next six months trading barbs with Patrick.

All that changes after Nat and Aidan get hitched. During the newlywed's two week honeymoon, Cat offers to housesit, only to discover her now-single arch nemesis is living next door. He's persistent and sexy-as-hell in his pursuit of her and Cat discovers there's more to like, maybe even love, about Patrick Hart than she once thought. She wonders if she can trust this man with her heart or too afraid to try


Six years ago Jake Coulter dumped Kaylie Masters. Though she refused to show it, Kaylie was devastated and never got over him. To make matters worse, Jake is friends with her older brother, Kevin.

Now, Kevin is engaged and Jake is his best man. There's no way Kaylie can avoid her ex. Strangely, Jake seems to be going out of his way to see her and ,after one kiss, they both discover the spark between them never died.

Today I am heading over to Nat and Aidan’s house for a little business with pleasure.  Natalie has invited me over to meet her BFF Cat and I will be talking to them about life after the invasion of the Hart Brothers into both of their lives.

As I walk towards the backyard with my bag, ready to hang with the girls and start working on my tan, I hear laughter breaking through the blaring rock music. Girls after my own heart! I peak my head over the fence and get a huge Hi Becca! from Nat as she comes over to let me in. I am in awe of this beautiful little oasis and enter through the gate to say hi to Cat as she hands me a drink and we get settled in to talk.

B: Thanks ladies for inviting me over for the day. Boy, did I ever need to start working on my tan! So how did the two of you meet? 

Cat: Well, there’s this bar where the women don’t wear…
Nat (interrupts): We met in college.  It’s been so long I don’t exactly remember what happened.

Cat: Of course you do.  That was the night the cops had to…
Nat knocks Cat off her lounger.
Nat: Cat doesn’t remember either.  She’s had one too many margaritas already.  That’s why she fell of her chair.

B: Nat was are the best qualities about Cat? The worst?

Nat: Cat is incredibly supportive.  She has always been there for me when I needed her.  She also knows exactly when to mix me a drink and what kind of drink it should be.  Oh, and every time I’ve been almost arrested, she’s been there.  Hmmm….her bad qualities.  Well, she’s bossy, stubborn, and clumsy.  She’s also the one who talks me into doing whatever got us “almost arrested”.

B: Same question for you Cat?

Cat:  Nat always makes me laugh.  She also gives amazing advice.  We have the best girls’ nights every time we get together.  Of course, now that we’re sisters-in-law, I’m legally obligated to hate her guts and gossip behind her back.  (Both girls laugh)  As for her less than redeeming qualities, well, she primps way too much when we go out and, while she gives great advice, she never takes it from others.  Oh, and  she doesn’t kiss and tell.

B: Cat, what did you first think of Aidan when you met him? Was he good enough for your friend?

Cat: I wasn’t sure at first.  I thought he would be good for her.  She was in a rut and I knew a man like him could shake her out of it.  Oh, and of course he’s fucking hot!  I’m just glad he also turned out to be a great guy.

B: Nat, was the set up with Patrick planned, or did it really just let it slip your mind to tell Cat about him living next door?

Nat:  Hell yes it was planned.  After all the shit Cat did to me over the years, I thought a little payback was in order.  Also, I knew Patrick was a good guy and I really didn’t want to see him get back with Anya.  She was not only a bitch but I’m pretty sure she was batshit crazy too.

B: So now…Best Friends to become Sister-In-Laws. Are those Hart Boys in trouble?

Nat (winks at Cat):  What do you think?

These girls like to ROCK! 

Kiss Me:

A Kiss for Christmas:

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