Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boston and The Most Stylish Couple I Know

It's been years since I have stepped foot in Boston. There is just something about this town that draws me in. So I was happy when my friend Emmy set up my interview with Marcus DeLuca. I have to admit I am a little nervous. But I’m looking forward to some winter weather. Texas has only two seasons - Hot and Wet. As I step out the airport. disappointment hits me.  WTF! It’s warmer here than in Houston. *Sigh* At least it's not too humid.

Marcus DeLuca
I hail a cab and give him the address for DeLuca & Associates in Midtown Center. As we hop on the turnpike, my phone starts to ring. It's Mr. DeLuca's secretary. She asks if it's ok to change our location of the interview to a place near Harvard Yard. Marcus and his girlfriend Mia, are just finishing up a meeting in the area and since it's such a nice day, he prefers to be outside. Having grown up in the North, I can understand. She also wants to know if it's ok for Miss Sullivan to join us. YES!! How lucky am I to get both of them. Good thing I did some research on both of them. Twenty minutes later I am pulling up to the gates of Harvard Yard.

As I start to exit the cab, Marcus and Mia walk toward me. I stop and stare at the two of them. They are holding hands, laughing and whispering about something. They look as if they belong on the pages of GQ and Elle magazine. Marcus in a very well tailored black suit, fitted perfectly against his clearly athletic body, a white button down shirt and a silk black tie. Mia, she’s so beautiful, dressed down in skinny jeans, a white blouse and a rose colored cardigan, with ballerina flats.

The cab driver snaps me out of my fixation. "Hey yo! You gonna pay me?" Marcus jogs up "Here, allow me to get this...I feel bad that I messed up the plans for today. It's the least I could do." Standing there still a little stunned, I look over at Mia who gives me a smile and a shrug of her shoulder. I smile back at her. As the cab drives away, Marcus extends his hand. "Becca Manuel?"

Marcus DeLuca owner of Club 21 with his
girlfriend Mia Sullivan
Smiling I grab his hand. "Yes, aren't you glad? Otherwise you just paid the cab fee for a complete stranger." He laughs and gives me a firm hand shake. Then he places his hand in the small of Mia's back to bring her forward. She looks somewhat nervous and shy. "And this is my girlfriend, Mia Sullivan."

"It’s so nice to meet you both. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few of my questions."

Mia declares, "Nice to meet you as well, Becca. Welcome to Boston. You picked a great time to visit. We’re having exceptional weather." As we chat about my trip and the unfortunate football game between the Patriots and the Texans, Marcus guides us to a cafe a couple of blocks away from the yard. Marcus grabs some drinks for us and we have a seat outside, taking in the scenery and sun.

"Thank you so much for meeting up with me. I'm starting a new blog and friends of mine have been helping me out by getting some big names to draw in the new followers. I really appreciate the time you are taking to talk with me. You ready for some questions?" I give them my best smile. "I promise not to make it too rough on you."

Mia’s smile brightens as she fidgets with her fingers on top of the small table. Marcus clears his throat after taking a sip of his coffee. “Yes, please begin whenever you’re ready.”

Most Stylish Couple of Boston
Marcus DeLuca and Mia Sullivan
Nodding I remove my note pad and pen from my bag and begin. "So how did the two of you meet?" Mia giggles as her cheeks turn a slight shade of red. She bit her lip and glances at Marcus. He flashes a crooked grin, and I think I just melted. Damn, that smile is sexy as hell. Marcus nods at her to answer.

Clearing her throat she turns her attention back at me. Um, well, we met at a night club that Marcus actually owns, Club21. I went there to celebrate my summer extern position…” She glances at him again, and I guess it took off from there.”

 I smile and stare at the two of them for a few seconds. They truly make an exceptional couple.

"Marcus, what was it about Mia that made you know she was the one for you? Was it an instant connection?" Marcus wraps his arm around Mia’s shoulder and pulls her into him. Mia looks up at him and arches a brow waiting for his reply. He laughs and then answers, “Mia is like no woman I’ve ever met, she’s smart, beautiful, and feisty.” Leaning in over the table, he places his hand to the side of his face and whispers, “She has a Philly girl attitude.” Mia nudges him with her elbow. Laughing he continues, “But I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world.” He winks. He is beyond gorgeous. Mia is one lucky girl.

Sighing I continue, "Mia, how do you feel knowing you have finally taken Boston's most eligible bachelor off the market?" She laughs and I can tell she’s finally becoming comfortable, her body relaxes into Marcus. “I’m happy and lucky just to have him a part of my life.”

Marcus DeLuca 
"Marcus, at the age of 29, you have made quite a name for yourself. You own several buildings. All designed by the world famous McCullen Architecture and Designs. You are the youngest, richest and most successful lawyer in Boston, taking over your family's law firm at the age of 24. What do you think was your motivation for success?" Marcus’ expression grows serious and he seems to be lost in his thoughts. Mia reaches out and grabs his hand. “I would have to say my biggest motivation would have to be my father. He wanted nothing but the best for my brother, Jimmie and I. I guess in some ways even though he’s gone I want to make him proud.”

 Nodding I jot down his answer and my eyes scan over the next question. This is going to be the tough question. I swallow and clear my throat to proceed. "Now your success has come with some controversy. Not only has your brother Jimmie been linked to the Sorrento Family, but you too have been named as part of their crew. I know that you have denied this, but has it affected your business?” I lift my eyebrow, with the rumors and all?"

Mia shifts in her seat uncomfortably and her breathing becomes a bit rapid. Marcus on the other hand leans back in his chair very cool and collective. “The rumors have not affected my business at all. I’m a criminal defense attorney so I handle cases that involve that type of lifestyle. The same “lifestyle” that I’ve been accused of living. I guess I can see why some would think it.” Mia demeanor changes instantly as she lets out a deep breath.

"Mia, Marcus seems to be a man of mystery. While doing my research it was hard to find background on him. So Mia, is there anything you can tell us to break down that wall of mystery?" She slightly giggles though you can tell she’s still affected by the last question. “Yes he’s mysterious to most, but in reality he’s a simple family man. He loves his family more than anything. I think that’s what really won me over, was the love and devotion he has toward his family, that and the fact that he can be goofy and playful, all at the same time.”  

Candid moment caught in the Park
A goofy and playful Marcus? Hmmm. Let me change the topic. "There seems to be a little competition going on between you and Gavin Blake. Can you tell me what that’s all about?" Mia covers her hands with her mouth trying desperately to hold her laughter. I guess she knows about this battering going back and forth between the two of them. Marcus rolls his eyes and waves his hand. “Psst, pass, next question.”

Okay, I guess we will never know. Looking at the last couple of questions I figure I should lighten the mood. "Where do you both see yourselves in 5 years?" Mia sat straight up, smiling she was ready to answers, “I see myself a partner at a firm and maybe married.” Marcus arches a brow at her, “You mean you see yourself married, not “maybe” married.” Turning his attention to me he continues, “Yeah we’ll definitely be married and hopefully one day kids.” Mia swallows hard as her gaze lowers to focus on her hands. Marcus shut his eyes as if remembering something; leaning back he grabs her face in his hands and plants a small kiss on her forehead. He whispers something that I can’t make out and she nods.  

Walking thru Cambridge
I feel out of place as if this is a special moment for them. Before speaking they both bring their attention back to me. “Ok, enough of the serious questions. I like to do a lightning round with just some fun, one or two word answers to get to know you. You game?” They both nod.

Favorite Band or Singer: 
Marcus: “Breaking Benjamin” Mia: “Anything!”

Vacations: Beach or City: 
“Beach” they answer in unison.

Favorite Colors:  
Mia: “Green”   Marcus: “I don’t have one.”

Favorite flavored ice cream:  Mia: “Strawberry” Marcus: “Vanilla”

Favorite place to have sex: *OMG! This must’ve been placed in my notes by Maureen and Jackie! I have to watch my notes around those girls! Shoot! I look up embarrassed, Mia’s face turns beat red along with mine as Marcus flashes that crooked grin and answers, “Anywhere.”*He winks*

After saying my goodbyes,  I hop in a cab and decide to take a side trip to MIT. Maybe I can meet up with Matt Watkins while I'm here in Boston. Hmmm....


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