Monday, May 1, 2023

Fractured by Riley Edwards

Loving Echo Kent was painful.

Not the falling in love part, that was easy. One look at the tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed narcotics detective and I knew I wanted him. A few months later I knew I couldn’t live without him. But my Echo, he had demons and secrets and a mountain of guilt. His love was selfish and one-sided—he could love but he refused to allow others to love him. The closer I got, the harder he pushed me away. Yet I was determined to make him face the demons that held him hostage.

The fight was hard won but I did it. I was well on my way to healing Echo’s fractured heart when someone from his past came raging into our lives threatening to blow up our perfect future.

As the seconds tick and my death approaches Echo has to make the impossible choice—me or his family.

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This book was an emotional tsunami. Fractured has to be the most anticipated book out of the Triple Canopy series with Echo Kent, our mysterious and broken hero, and Jaclyn, the sister of his friend and the girl he just couldn't get off his mind.

Fractured is an Age Gap, Second Chance, Best Friend's Sister, and Romantic Suspense that is super hawt and packed full of emotion. Although this is the last book in the series it is an interconnected stand-alone, so it can be read without reading the rest of the books in the series but I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire series.

You can check out the entire series on Riley's Website and best of all the entire series is in Kindle Unlimited making it the perfect series to binge!

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