Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Heartbreakers by Melody Grace


"A must read second chance love story!"

- Claire Contreras, NYT Bestselling Author

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They say that time heals a broken heart, but you try moving on when your ex is the most famous man on the planet. Every time I walk down the street, there he is on magazine covers and billboards plastered with his gorgeous face: Finn McKay. 

Now he’s a drop-dead sexy rock star, but when I knew him, he was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks - and the first guy I ever loved. He broke my heart into a hundred pieces when he skipped town without saying goodbye – but now he’s back.

And he wants me. 

I’m determined not to make the same mistakes twice, but the chemistry with Finn was always way too hot to ignore. He was the guy who had me sneaking out my bedroom window for just one more kiss, and breaking curfew parked by the riverbanks, steaming up his windows in the backseat of his car. 

The past five years have been good to him, real good, and between his dirty mind and that ‘I know how to make you scream’ smile, he’s breaking through my defenses all over again. 

Maybe one last wild fling for old time’s sake is what I need to finally move on. But what happens when Finn wants more than my body? This time he wants everything.

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What happens when the man who changed your whole world and broke your heart when he walked away 5 years ago, all of a sudden is standing in front of you, talking to you as if nothing ever happened... as if he didn't rock your way of living, as if he hadn't spoken one word to you in the 5 years, as if he went to the store and was back?

Finn and Eva had their whole life ahead of them. Sure they were just teens, but they knew that they were it for each other. Then one night Finn just disappeared...until he shows up 5 years later like nothing had happened. Except it had. Finn was now an international rock star and Eva was still living in their small hometown helping her sister raise her little boy. Living day to day, wondering how she survived the past 5 years and what she would be doing for her future.  Eva doesn't know what to think of the man who was her everything. Who is she kidding... is still her everything. But can she forgive him and move on or will the heartache he left her in have too big of a wake for her to battle through. 

Finn and Eva are meant to be together. You can feel the sexual tension, the passion, the fear and the joy in being reunited. But both of their pasts are not pretty. They were both hurting, trying to forget, trying to protect. 

I love a good second chance romance and this is one not to be missed. Melody has a way of enveloping you into the characters world of feelings and emotions, giving you a powerful read that you always walk away from with a smile on your face.

A definitely must read for 2016!

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1901411_222827264576317_236554262_n Melody Grace is the New York Times bestselling author of the Beachwood Bay series. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, after spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself. She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk. She lives in LA with her two kittens, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.    

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