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BLOG TOUR: Rock the Beat by Michelle A. Valentine

Twenty-year-old Holly Pearson never dreamed that while working at her father’s motocross track she’d run into the walking, talking definition of trouble in a sexy, tattooed package—Trip Douglas, the man sent to evaluate the track for a possible investment opportunity. Holly makes no attempt to hide the fact she despises Trip, but she learns to be civil toward him when he offers to help her land the man of her dreams.

Trip needs a break from the crazy rock-and-roll lifestyle he’s been living for the past few years. With his Black Falcon band mates settling down with marriage and babies, Trip peruses an investment opportunity in motocross, something he’s always been passionate about. Hiding his celebrity status, Trip infiltrates the new business posing as a dirt bike rider training for the X-Games. The only obstacle is the owner’s daughter, Holly. She’s a real ball bustin' Ice Queen, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make the deal fall through. Trip soon discovers that winning over his new enemy is the key to gaining a partnership in Mountain Time Speed Track. 

Knowing he’s the expert on getting laid, Trip ropes Holly into becoming his ally by helping her score a date with the man she’s crushing on. The problem is, the more time Trip and Holly spend together, the more they uncover the undeniable attraction between them. Soon they both realize that even the best laid plans go to hell when you find you’re falling in love with the enemy. 
**Book THREE in the Black Falcon series. Can also be read as a stand-alone novel**
Tripp - be still my beating heart! OH I have been waiting for Tripp and his sexy self to come out and play and there was no disappointment on my side.

The thing I really loved about Tripp is that his story takes place not on the road, not with the other guys from the band but on a Motocross Track in Arizona. It's truly his and Holly's story! Yes we still get to see the boys of Black Falcon in the end. This book is solely about Tripp and Holly and I loved that.

Tripp is his sexy, sarcastic self. Holly is a take no bar, can do girl, who gives Tripp a run for the money. A great addition to the Black Falcon Series! 

Although it's November, the sun is still pounding out here in the Arizona desert. It's wide open space and I see why a motocross track would be perfect for this area. Year round training, lots of dirt and sun. I am on my way to Mountain Time Speed Track to catch up with Max. When I talked to him to set up this interview, he said there was a possibility that I may run into Tripp and Holly but there were no guarantees. I'm fine with that since I'm really here to see him. Max was a bit surprised that I would want to interview him. But hey, best friends always have the good dirt!

As I pull up, I see a few riders put on the track. I park and head over to the grandstand to watch. My need for speed is thrilled with being at a motocross track. My lack of coordination and clumsiness keeps me from ever getting on a dirt bike again. I spun out on my friend Kevin's bike when I was 13. Embarrassed the hell out of me and never tried again. Maybe today will be the day to get back up on the horse! I have to be more coordinated than 29 years ago, right? As I am lost in my thoughts of my stupid stunts, two bikes pull up in front of the stands and kill their engines, snapping me back to reality. As the helmets lift, I'm not surprised to see Max but am surprised to see the other rider is Holly! Boy that girl has some skills. But I guess when you grow up around a dirt track, you pick up some things.

"Hey Becca! Glad you found the track with no trouble" Holly says as she sways over to the fence. Max is close behind with a smile on his face. I hope the poor thing isn't too shy. I don't want to scare him before we even get started. Then again, if Holly is his friend, then he's use to girls like myself.

I get up and walk towards the fence, holding my hand out to shake Holly's hand. "I happen to have a handy talent of memorizing maps, so I am a walking GPS system. It's a good thing too. I'm not use to cities so spread out like this."

"Well, welcome Becca! Hopefully you won't be too disappointed in interviewing me instead of Holly or Trip." Max says to me as he shakes my hand then motions for me to follow the both of them towards the main office.

"Everyone has a story Max, especially when they are best friends with someone like Holly!" I stifle back a laugh as Holly gives me a wink and a smile, letting me know, she's ok with my teasing.

"Well, you picked the right guy to get dirt on me. I trust him enough not to spill too much!" We enter the office area, which looks like it's been recently update. Max excuses himself for a moment and promises not to be too long.

 "You can use my office, it should be nice and cool in there. I need to meet up with Tripp in town, so hopefully we will catch up later today. Oh and don't forget to ask him about the number he got the other day!" She says with a laugh.

Holly has given me full reign of the track and even said I could use one of her old bikes if I wanted to go for a spin. I may just take her up on that offer. I am itching to try.

As Max returns, I thank Holly and promise not to leave until we can talk more, later in the day.

Max and I settle in for a chat and I promised I would try not to be too tough on him.

Max out on the track

Becca: I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me for this interview Max.
Max: It’s my pleasure.

Becca: So how long have you been friends with Holly and how did you meet?
Max: I met Holly in kindergarten. She stopped another kid from picking on me by popping him in the nose and we’ve been friends ever since.

Becca: What were your first thoughts of Trip when you saw him at the club?
Max: Sex on a stick, and way too much man for my sweet little friend, Holly.

Becca: What did you think when you saw him her at the track the next day?
Max: I nearly had a heart attack. I thought for sure he was a stalker, or worse, there to kick my ass for ruining his shot with Holly the night before.

Becca: What is it about Trip that really surprised you the most?
Max: I didn’t expect him to be so sweet or thoughtful.

Becca: How have things been for you since you came out to your family and friends? Any regrets?
Max: It’s like the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally breathe. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

Becca: I think it was a brave thing to do. And you are so lucky to have such a great support system around you now. Changing the subject, you looked great out there on the track! How long have you been riding and do you have any aspirations for maybe going pro?
Max: I’ve been riding since I was eight. I have no desire to ever get serious with it. It’s more of an exciting hobby than anything else.

Becca: Holly said that at the fundraiser, you met someone. Want to elaborate on this mystery man?
Max: *laughs* I think I’ll keep that secret for now.

Becca: ok, one last question, Would you be willing to take me out on the track and show me how to ride. I have some serious Motörhead tendencies and my husband and I compete big time. I would love to one up him by learning to ride a bike and maybe be able to do a trick or two! I'll sign whatever waivers I have too * hoping my grin will convince him.*
Max: I think we can handle that. I’ll even get Holly to join in and show you from a woman’s perspective.

He steps in front of me and his eyes zero in on my chest. Both of his hands dart to my top button on my gray top and he releases it from its hole before moving on to the next one. “First of all, I was attracted to your banging body in that little black dress. It screamed, “Fuck me,” so that’s not flirting—that’s attention seeking. Believe me, I wasn’t the only one watching you shake your ass. I was just the only one brave enough to try and get with you even though you were there with another man.”
“You thought I was there with Max?” I ask even though it doesn’t surprise me. Max isn’t exactly the stereotypically homosexual male. There’s nothing feminine about him. People make the mistake that we’re an item all the time.
“And you were what, going to steal me away from my date?”
Trip shrugs. “When I see something I want, I go after it. And that night I wanted you. That is until you let him drag you away from me. I figured it wasn’t worth the scene it would cause to kick his ass.”
I roll my eyes. “How do you know you wouldn’t have been the one on the receiving end of that ass-kicking? Max is a pretty strong dude.”
He gives me a pointed look. “If there’s one thing I know besides that I’m awesome in bed, is that I can fight.”
I sigh. “Okay, so you’re a badass—I get it. What’s the other reason you think you I can’t flirt?”
He smiles. “I win the flirting debate because I believe it was me who came on to you first, so you can’t take credit for that.”
My brain attempts to wade through the drunken memories of a couple nights ago. “You may have started the dance, but I believe I’m the one who turned around to take it to that next level, allowing you to kiss me. Therefore I finished it. I get total credit for flirting with you first.”
He undoes the last button on my shirt. “No. Max dragged you away, effectively cutting us both off for the night. And Thank God for that. He deserves a fucking medal for performing a good deed. Can you imagine how awkward all this would be if we’d had crazy sex that night, only to meet up the very next day? That would’ve been a nightmare.”
I flinch. “Am I really that horrible that you would’ve regretted sleeping with me?”

Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic and New Adult romance. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos, and sexy musicians inspired her erotic BLACK FALCON series.

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