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BLOG TOUR: Four Letters by Lisa M. Harley

In Four Letters you’ll learn all about three couples...

Sterling and Skye

Skye is a spoiled little rich girl, who has never had to do more than bat her eyelashes at her father to get whatever she wanted. When she received her degree, her plan was to open an art gallery catering to the uber rich. The last thing she needed was a man getting in her way. But, there’s just something about Sterling. He’s an alpha male that gives her what she’s always craved, the ability to let someone else take control. Could Sterling be the man Skye needs to help her relinquish control and change her spoiled ways?

Asher and Lilly

When Lilly was a small child, her parents were killed in a fire. Since the loss of her parents, she’s never truly felt loved or safe. Now that Lilly’s dream of becoming a teacher has come true, she worries that her dream of finding Mr. Right might not. That all changes the day that Asher literally runs into her in the park. Could Asher be the man to make Lilly feel safe and give her the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of?

Tanner and Adlee

To say that Adlee had a rough childhood would be quite the understatement. When she was barely ten years old, her mother killed herself, leaving Adlee in the care of her stepfather, Paul. Paul was not a nice man. When Tanner walked into the café she was working at and witnessed the way Paul treated her, he knew he had to step in. Could Tanner be the man to prove to Adlee that she is worthy of love and help her regain her self respect?

Read Four Letters to see how all of these lives are intertwined...

Mrs. Smith?” The delivery man asked, standing at the door with a huge box in his hands. It had a huge lavender bow on top and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

“Yes, that’s me,” I responded excitedly.

“Would you like for me to set this inside for you?”

“Uh, is it heavy?”

“A little.”

“Sure, bring it on in.”

Pulling the ribbon off of the box, I read the card: Gift #7 for my beautiful wife. I thought I might need one of these when I got home.

The box held a beautiful lavender doghouse. Complete with flower boxes on the little windows with white plastic daisies in them and an attached food and water bowl on the front of the house. It had a sign over the doorway that said “Smith” in bold block letters. The little house was adorable, but a little much for a practical joke. I still had to smile thinking that he had gone to that much trouble. He was a pretty funny guy.

When the delivery man started to leave, I handed him some cash and thanked him.

“Uh, I’ll be right back up. There’s some other things that go with this delivery.”

“Oh, okay. I can’t wait to see what other goodies my husband has in store for me.”

“I’ll be right back up.”

I sat and stared at the doghouse and smiled again. A few moments later the bell rang and the deliveryman walked in with one more large box and a large bag. It almost resembled a diaper bag. It was lavender and brown and when I took it from him I peeked inside and saw leashes, collars, chew toys, and several little doggie dresses? What the hell? Oh no. No, no, no.

The delivery man tried to hand me the big box with another huge lavender bow on it. “No. I don’t want it. Take it back.”

I could hear it whimpering.

Damn him!

“But ma’am, I can’t take her back. Your husband insisted you keep her.”

“Her? Oh no. I do not want a dog. Take. Her. Back.”

“Sorry. He paid me a lot of money to make sure she stays right here. I’ll just sit her down here by the couch, but don’t leave her in the box too long. You wouldn’t want her to die, would you?” He asked with a look of shock on his face. Like I would tell him I wanted the poor little doggie to die. I didn’t want her to die, I just didn’t want her to live in my house.

“I’ll double whatever he paid you, if you’ll take her back.”

“He anticipated that. No can do, ma’am. She’s all yours. Enjoy.” With those words he left “her” there with me, still in the box on the floor by the couch. I didn’t even want to look inside it. She kept whimpering.

Damn him!

“Fine! I’ll take you out of the box, but that’s it. No snuggling. No petting. No licking. And especially no pissing on the floor. Got it?” I hadn’t even seen the little bugger yet and I was already barking out demands. I removed the lid and saw the two beady little eyes staring back at me.

Why did she have to be so damn adorable? Huh? Why couldn’t he have gotten me an ugly dog? Some skinny, scrawny monstrosity. Oh no, my husband went out and found the most adorable little bitty white puffball in existence.

Damn him!

Picking her up slowly out of the box, I held her away from me. She was staring at me with those big black eyes and that was it. I was in love.

Goddamn it!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch. The darn dog snuggled up to me and I researched her breed from the papers that were in the box with her and found out that she would never be much bigger than she is right now. She will weigh at most five pounds and will always be this cute and cuddly. Also, in the box was the packet of information for the obedience training she was slated to start tomorrow. They would come to the house for a couple of hours a day to teach her how not to potty on the floor and chew up our furniture.

As much as I wanted to be mad at Sterling for this, I couldn’t be. I already liked having Tiff around. Oh, that’s right I named her Tiffany after that famous little jewelry store that I was so fond of.

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this book. I adore Lisa and love her Destiny Series, but this book is so far away from her normal writing, as I was reading it, I kept wanting to go back and make sure that this is was LISA HARLEY that was the author of this book! LOL.

This book is about three couples and how their lives are intertwined. Although you don't know until the end just how it is that they are are intertwined together. And when I got to the end I was in shock....absolute shock I tell you. This book is one of those books that will stay with you. You will be thinking about it for a few days or weeks or months after reading it. And the epilogue totally blew me out of the water completely! 5 Mind Blowing Stars for this book. It will leave you going WTH!! and then make you want to re-read it all over again. SO SO GOOD LISA!!!

 I grew up in a really small town in Missouri. Very similar to the fictional towns I write about. I moved to the big city right after I graduated. I work full-time and I am mom to a beautiful little girl.
I started writing in October 2012 when a group I am a member of had a prologue contest. I didn't win the contest, but everyone who read my prologue asked for more of my story. I decided I had to finish it and get these characters that were in my head out on paper. During the writing process it became clear that these characters had a lot to say. So I realized my story was really a series:

The Destined Series
Destined to Change (Available Now)
Destined to Succeed (Available Now)
Destined to Forgive (Coming Fall 2013)
Destined to Rock (Coming Winter 2013)
Destined to Overcome (Coming Early 2014)

I am a really boring person, so this bio is super short! This is really about all there is to know about me. Sad, isn’t it. lol

I love music and honestly couldn't write without my Spotify playlist. I am kinda obsessed with frogs (not real ones) and office supplies are my downfall! I could spend my whole paycheck at the stationery store...boring, didn't I already say that? lol

Also, I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Voxer. Please message me on either one...I would love to hear from ya’ll.

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