Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inspirations, Playlist, Trailer and a Giveaway!

Mr. Beautiful - James Cavendish
 From my interview with R.K. yesterday we learned: "The inspiration for the story comes from several different places.  Some of the darker aspects of the story were inspired by some real events in my family.  The BDSM is a personal fascination of mine.  I've had some very close friends who have lived that lifestyle, and I was always avidly curious about what would wire a person that way, and what specific needs it fulfills.  I think it’s beautiful when two damaged people can find love."

Click on the Spotify Logo to hear the Up In The Air Playlist for R.K. Lilley

The playlist for the Up In The Air Series is a crazy, eclectic mix of music. I love to listen to the playlist of a book. As I listen to the songs, I can bring up scenes or characters that spring to life as I am listen. From Pink to Mumford & Sons to The White Stripes. This playlist does not disappoint! 

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Want to know a little bit more about the Up In The Air Series? Then click on the picture below for an awesome trailer for the first two books!

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Grounded - Release Date: Feb 12, 2013


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